Fury 2 Review – Amazing dry herb vape

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Is it as good as the MV1 troy?

chris salinas says:

Have you tried the fierce ?

BandoTracks says:

Would you recommend this vape for someone who has sensitive lungs? Is it smooth? I have the Vivant alternate and it is pretty smooth at 190 celsius, i want something better than the vivant.


can you use the wpa with concentrates?

John doe says:

Hi, so what one is better? quant vapor vs fury 2? I don't know if you have reviewed quant but I would like to know what you think.

Backwoods Rated says:

He reminds me of Seth Rogen.

godfrid44 says:

it looks the same as the Fenix mini, only the add-ons are richer here

Noé Jaupart says:

Hi thanks for your good vids guy, such good advices !

May I know what you would choose between these fury 2, the new boundless cfv, the miqro davinci and the Fog ? Don't hesitate to give me 2 names aha :p Thanks a lot deaaaaaaaaar :p

Eric Peregrine says:

You are back! Glad to see it! Best reviews on YouTube!

HonestMick says:

Can you elaborate a little more on the microdosing aspect? I’m not sure what the difference is between taking a normal hit versus using the water pipe attachment? Thanks in advance!

Pistol Pete says:

Thanks Troy, just ordered one from Heathy Rips. I got the XL WPA and a grinder for $129. I used the LOYALTY20 coupon code. Your videos are the best.

Joseph Iapichino says:

this store is a scame

A motherfuckin hot mess! says:

You overpaid for yours. puffitup.com $139.00 plus free $30 grinder! Smooth hitting vape and great taste too. Creeps up on you.

dr octagon says:

awesome your back… lol towards the end of the video your bbq'd lol

Zeke Roque says:

would you recommend this over the pax 3?

Keith Newton says:

I prefer convection but I find that vapes that also heat the bowl hold their temperature better and give a more uniform vape without overheating the vape. Thanks

RileyDTV says:

Sucks so much that your old channel got deleted. I also prefer hybrid vapor! It's so nice to let the vapor get thick in the vape itself before taking a big hit.

beerisgoodforyou says:

You here to stay this time, or did you sneak in?

valveman12 says:

Hey you're back!

S. Kirk says:

Lol 😂
I love this channel! 😊

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