G-Pen Elite Ground Herb Vaporizer Review

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Introducing the G-Pen Elite vaporizer for ground material. The G Pen Elite is an ergonomically designed portable convection vaporizer, featuring a full LED display with temperature control, battery life indicator, and all-ceramic heating chamber. A few of Grenco’s herbal vaporizers have been hit and miss. That is set to change with the release of the Elite boasting the largest heating chamber on the market.

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Small, Sturdy, Portable

It rivals the Pax 2 in size. Up until recently Pax 2 was the smallest portable vape available. Elite is less than an inch larger so its’ a fairly compact competitor. This means it can be used more discreetly in public giving you maximum portability. Although it’s mostly plastic it doesn’t feel cheap when you hold it in your hand. It’s also pretty cool looking. Sleek and somewhat mean. Like Catwoman’s stun gun in Batman Returns… I digress.

Fast Heating, Range of temperatures

This baby heats up fast. Around 30 seconds fast. With the capability of setting any desired temperature between 200° – 428°F (93° – 220°C), users can experiment with low temperature true vaporization to explore optimal flavor profiles. This innovative technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with unrivaled performance, taste, and effects. Most people like to vape around 300 – 420 degrees for dried materials. However depending on the herbs you use and the desired effects your optimal temperature could vary.

Packed With Features

The Elite uses a 360-degree ceramic heating element that is able to provide very quick and even heating throughout the entire chamber. It has a very large heating chamber. One thing that sets this vaporizer apart is that even though it has a large chamber you can still use it effectively with small amounts. Previous vape pens leave you with the ability to do large sessions or very small ones depending on your device. The even and all around heating made possible with Elites allows you to do both.

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The Elite is recommended for dry herbs only. For concentrates we recommend the Micro G or G-Pen for waxes and the G-Pen Hookah Vaporizer for liquids.

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