G Pen Elite Vaporizer or knockoff from AliExpress Unboxing

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Ordered a Black Widow Vaporizer from Aliexpress and received something that looked nothing like what I ordered in the picture. Instead to my surprise, I got what looks like a G Pen Elite. Got it in 2.5 wks. Not quite sure what to think of it as everything in the packaging looks identical to a g pen. However, when I tried to register the serial number on the g pen site, I got an invalid serial number error which leads me to believe that it could be a knockoff. Really well put together either way and happy with what I got. Definitely won’t be complaining.

Jan Rozsíval says:

I'm wondering how is your "G pen" running after some time. Still works well? What is you experience? How is a battery, heating chamber, overall quality and so on..? thanks for answering 😉

Yuri says:

Hi, I can't really find these on aliexpress, is there any particular tag to search? G pen elite, grenco or anything like that returns 0 results, thank you.

Msdj Jdndn says:

I can get this one for 16 bucks and even tho I have the nokiva already (you might know it) this for 16 just seems too sweet to pass on. How is the mouthpiece holding up? My vaporizers only issue is the mouthpiece breaking, should I order a spare along with my order if I do buy it?

Mauricio Leyes says:

This knockoff is a really good vape. Had it for 3 months, regular used and never had a problem other than trying to vape with low batt and that's frustrating because it takes longer to heat and it does not charge as fast as the battery drains but it's a good device.

Michelle Jones says:

My Gpen elite cost just over $200 AUD only a month ago. It has a G, and serial number on bottom of unit. I love it. Great vape 😁 dont be sucked in buying the knockoffs. Might as well smoke..

adam williams says:

does ity have a g stamp iin the bottom??? if not then its a knock off but looks exactley the same

Ikepasa says:

I have one of this and im very happy with the purchase mine vap has like 2 months of use and at least now i have 0 problems so is really awesome and kinda crippy the way to them to copy this kind of stuff so well 😮

Jonathan Katz says:

Could you do a review on this pls

SUPER 6 says:

still working? any issues?

Curious George says:

As an update, the seller did send me the wrong vap. However, I decided to keep this g pen elite and just got the seller to refund me the difference so the total came out to $20USD.

love bud says:

Did you try it yet?

Mynor Masaya says:

But the real question, how does it work ?

bmunsamy says:

That's def a knockoff

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