G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review! Demo, vs Pax 2 + Pros/Cons [4K Video]

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In-depth review of the new G Pen Elite Vaporizer by Grenco Science.

Full Review: www.vaporizerwizard.com/g-pen-elite-vaporizer-review/
Buy G Pen Elite: www.vaporizerwizard.com/shop/gpenelitegs

Thanks for watching my G Pen Elite review!

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Monsterclip101 says:

Just bought it on sale for 100 on the GPEN site , I do have a question ? By vapor quality do you mean potency of THC? Or do you mean just cloud size, cause I am getting a vape to get a better cleaner high

Fede God says:

Is there any way to make the elite's vape denser?

Stephen Clayton says:

$169 LMAO I just bought a elite for $33 brand new from eBay and it's authentic shop around for the best deal eBay actually has more for sale

Byron Butler says:

should I spend a little extra on the pax 2 or just go with the open elite? thanks in advance. great video

YungA$tro says:

Great review

Mexico GoPro Moto says:

This G Pen Elite in the review is fake/cloned… you can tell by looking at LED display pixilation, the tops of the battery charge columns are stepped instead of smooth.

Little Homie says:

New to this. Do sorry. When people say they don't get a lot of vape. What does that mean? Does more vape mean better high? Thanks

Richard Salinas says:

Such a great review! Do you know if after the 5 minutes are up and the pen shuts off it is alright to turn it back on and keep vaping? Or is it over after the five minute sesh or bad to have it hot more than 5 mins straight?

Victor Tous says:

Hi! And what about the G Pen Elite vs the Pax 3?

Cristopher Robles says:

does the pen itself smell? like after a use, or if packed?

Bill Peloquin says:

stoked just got one of these off my buddy.

Stephen Gornik says:

yo, just started the vid, you killed the intro bruuuh

sk8ernutdw says:

What is the name of that grinder that finely grinds it? I want that grinder.. where can i find a grinder like that? I am sure there are others like this one?

sk8ernutdw says:

I heard this vaporizer is convection not conduction. I don't understand why you say it is conduction? It has no direct heat to the coil? Just hot air rising.. guess i'm getting the firefly 2 since it's pure convection.

Pierce Thompson says:

when i use my pax2, i have to stir my bowls about halfway through my session. do you have to so the same thing with the elite?

Pierce Thompson says:

is this a conduction or convection vaporizer?

strap hacus says:

dope background!

supraludwick83 says:

hot mouthpiece? somehow I've never have a problem with this… the hotter I've got it going is 410°F… I used to own the Pax 2 now that shit burns you, and is not as efficient, I start with very low 275°f and end it on 410°f, and I get high af! great little gadget.

Thiago Gomes says:

Can you tell if the mouthpiece broke with time of using?

xlifewritex says:

Its not ERBS. It's HERBS. Damn you americans lol

JamalFK says:

I took the metal screen out of my mouth piece and now it seems like it produces more vapor. try it out

Jessica Rachel says:

Hi, thanks for the video! I bought a Pax2 and returned it because I didn't get much vape. Do you think I'll have a different experience with the G Pen Elite?
Also, I ordered the MLFB grinder you mentioned- do you think that herb (not ground finely enough) could have been the problem with the Pax?

mark pantle says:

The question I'm wondering is the lifeline of the Gpen, the warranty is only a year which is pretty sketchy. While the pax 2 has a ten year warranty, so in the long run that extra 100$ sounds like it's worth it.

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