G-Pen Nova Concentrate Dry Herb Vaporizer Second Review

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My second / follow-up review of the slick looking G Pen Nova Vaporizer Pen for concentrates and dry herb.

Buy it here : shrsl.com/1m8q6

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I’ve only had it a couple days but I love the small, slick design. Works great for concentrates, though wouldn’t bother with dry herb chamber isn’t big enough for a worthwhile session. The mouthpiece is a little wobbly and I wish it screwed in. Still, a very nice little vape pen that is very discreet!

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G Pen Nova Vaporizer Pen Review
G Pen Nova Vaporizer Pen
G Pen Nova Vaporizer
G Pen Nova Review
G Pen Vaporizer Pen
G Pen Vaporizer Pen Overview

Koi Jaxk says:

I have 20% off the grenco website message me if you want it and cash app me half the price off.

Reality Radio Everyday Elliott says:

Just got mine today. I feel like it needs to produce more smoke/vapor with concentrates—but that could be just me. The mouthpiece is annoying but it is a nice design and a phenomenal price. As far as the website you got the blue dream on..? Mind messaging a bro?

Peach c: says:

It's alot cheaper on the actual grenco science website 🙂 about 35 bucks. With shipping it's around 39, but I got it down to 31 total with discount codes

Rob Deluca says:

Are you mentally challenged?

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