G Pen Roam Review- Best wax vape of 2020?

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G-Pen is one of the top players in the vape world and has many blockbuster products under its belt. The most recent is the G-Pen Connect, which was a big success amongst users that wanted an electronic heating source for their traditional dab rig.

But what if you don’t have a dab rig and you’re looking for a portable concentrate vaporizer with a self-contained water filtration? Enter the G-Pen Roam. The Roam is basically a full functioning dab rig, that is packed into a sleek and very-portable vape. It is compatible with Wax, Dab, Shutter, or any other solid concentrates.

The Roam was released on April 1st, 2020, and is available for $250 from G-Pen. We have a few coupon codes posted on the review page-

G Pen Roam Review

Sr Orlando v says:

Website for the cbd please 🙂

P.J. says:

Look at the size of that ?

Howard Ryburn says:

So I'm only risking the cost of 2 no more than 3 traditional glass rigs & I bet it doesn't break as easy.
" Torch ? We don't need no stinking torches !"

Jared Wallen says:

Ur terps are garbage

Joseph Woodall says:

Who the fuck plays with the coil when its freshly fucking hot? Goddamn i leave a comment then 30 seconds go by and you surprise me with stupidity yet again, like good fucking lord.

Michael S says:

It’s like I’m not getting very good hits for real

Robert Dean Garcia says:

Lots of information, thank you.. may get one since I've already had the puffco peak..

ExtremeFails says:

I have one of this and I can tell you, I have had this in my pocket upside down and the water doesn’t Leak out

Robert Chaney says:

Name of the other vape that's not the oura

Jim Becker says:

Looks pretty cool but I love my focus v carta.

Bee c says:

I want to like this but any device with a built in battery eventually in due time will die. Carta seems to be the only company that has a device with detachable batteries.

A U says:

Good vid tho!

A U says:

Wota filtadation ?

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