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Check out the G9 here: bit.ly/g9dabrig
Hey Friends! I am Chillen with IndoorTokers, taking dabs on the G9 from GreenLight Vapes!Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe, and turn on the notifications so you know when I upload new videos during the week! Have a great day!
****All cannabis used in the video was acquired legally for recreational use under Washington LAW RCW 69.50 and Title 314 WAC and is only Intended for 21+ adults and medical Patients.*****
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MlgTurtles420 says:

U guys have autism

Erin Simmons says:

Never knew how that worked

Roger Dodger says:

Two thousand and mullet 😕

Brian LaRocco says:

So i want to buy one and am looking at reviews everywhere. i CLEARLY SEE that f#*king glass is not tight on there and keeps falling off. Very loose?

The Real C-No says:

3 of ur videos already we're in use for me 😂💯 keep it up 🌬️🍯

Nathan Watson says:

It was still green for her cuz he took a time talking about it.

Yake N Bake says:

Kinda sounds like Dave Atell

Varonika says:

Checking out the review and thinking about Danielle today… hope you're recovering well…

Emery Knotts says:

2:30 hereditary?

Amanda Blasius says:

Do you know if there is a water rig mouthpiece for oil vape pens?

Ben Brown says:

I LOLed at 'the windier the shit' 😀 You are not wrong!

R3KZ says:

looks like for the first second there he had no clue you guys were ready to start the review lol!

Lysa B says:

My oh my, this sounds chronic and of course I'm 'green' with jealousy! 😉 You guys are my favorites, and I love your reviews – you're such fun to party with, thanks darlin's! 😉

SourGrapez Produktionz says:

For real before all the rigs were even made Knifers

Mr and Mrs Dabs says:

Koo video check mine out let me know how to improve ly channel thanks

Peace Love & Motivation says:

They need to work on their glass I don't know about you but after five good dabs it gets clogged up or is that only happening with me!

Slayin' With Slim Fishing says:

1 minute=4 friends taking a tiny 20 second dab, yeah?!!!!! lol awesome

Danny Rivera says:

Why is Danielle so friggin hawt???

OHMsweetOHM says:

The name "Trainwreck" was given due to the strain being a very heavy yielder and growers that did not use nets, bamboo, etc to properly reinforce the plants would walk in to their garden one morning near the end of the grow and find a "Trainwreck". Great video nonetheless.

Julius Corwin says:

your awsome

Jared Woodard says:

Always love to see Danielle stone the shit out of Chris

Mélissa says:

Can you do a review of the Pax 3 !??????


awesome enail!!!!!! Can you do a g9 tcport vs cloud v mini electro video?

Sam W says:

You're funny af! Especially when your high! Your eyes give you away! Keep blowing smoke*😜🤘💯

Quaid Madison says:

Great Reviews! Out of all the E-rig dab rigs you have reviewed what would your recommend as far as usability and quality?

Kevin Huff says:

The O rings on top that the glass piece slides over are way too small. You could Danielle having a problem keeping it upright. This has been a major con for about 3 other people I know that have this device.

Tim Mccalla says:

you are awesome Danielle I love all your videos but if I'm not mistaken Trainwreck was named for the way it grows in your grow room it just all lays down like a train ran over it

Jacob Wills says:

Used to do knife with hits with bud or dab either way it's intense

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