Get used to your first dry herb vape…Feat. My Boundless Tera V3

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Featuring my Boundless Tera- get the hang of vaping dry herb if you have only smoked in the past. I’ll walk you through my session with the Tera

I wanted to do a video about getting to know your dry herb vape and tell you about learning my Boundless Tera and how even though I’d been vaping it takes time to learn these…
A lot of people are getting into dry herb vaping, especially for medical…and I wanted to do a video about getting to know and use your dry herb vape for the best results.
It’s different than smoking a pipe or a joint and its easy to get discouraged while learning but I am hoping to give you some tips to maximize your potential with yours, with my Boundless Tera. I just recently got this and it took me a bit to really get the hang of it. I wasn’t sold until I’d had it a few weeks, AND I HAVE BEEN HERB VAPING FOR 6 MONTHS! But now I love it and it’s a GAME CHANGER!

I’m going to show how it works with tips on where to find that info for yours. I’ll walk you thru out of the box using this Tera, and stay tuned for my boundless hacks and the WPA with my bong which you don’t have to watch- but you might want to.

First, familiarize yourself with your herb vape…seriously Google same feature articles and reviews and watch some vape specific YouTube videos. Searching it on Reddit gives you some tips sometimes too… Also, read the manual…
I know! Ugh!

How it works
This is my Boundless Tera v3.
It’s a convection vape meaning heated air is passed thru the Bud.
VS Conduction which directly warms the herb in the chamber.
If I power it up it doesn’t heat my herb unless I inhale.
It has a 5-minute sessions timer. I find if I keep in under 380 and stir in the middle I get 8 minutes out of a “bowl” with heavy to moderate use. You might get more 5 minute sessions.
The Tera also does concentrates with this concentrate pod, but its strength lies in vaping bud. Don’t get this one if you primarily want to use concentrates.

Power it up…bud might be a bit damp at first but itt only “cooks” the bud when you draw because it is conduction.
Make it a zen session and take your time….no pressure! Easy inhales are good…do what works for you and your lung capacity. With the Tera you can hit and hit and get but some vapes need a recovery time.. My miqro is good for a couple sips a minute. The Tera is a powerhouse.
If you just haul ass on it- you can go thru a bowl in a session. Hauling ass will go through the battery faster
If you want to draw it out, you can do more sessions.
Let it rest a bit for more flavorful clouds. Long slow draw and save room to pull in clean air after.
If you cough don’t pull as long and take in more “fresh air”
At the 5min sesh time, open the chamber and stir and power back onto heat.
If you cough, take smaller hits- the “good stuff” only really absorbs in the bottom of the lungs anyway so bring in “NON MEDICATED” air to push down the vapors.
How do you know when it’s cashed?
It tastes a bit like popcorn or coffee sometimes when it’s “spent” I couldn’t always taste that before but I am starting to get that down. I get about 7-8 minutes of this being on before i is perfect AVB. if that happens mid sesh you can just hold the power button down to power it off, or stop vaping from it and it will shut off after 5 minutes and barely affect the battery.
Now let’s clean it out and I will show you the not fun part…
It’s not bad when you are at a desk with a tray to clean this- pick out the screen, everything is gunky…This hack is for the Tera, and you don’t have to watch…but it is a super cool added bonus to this unit so if you want to watch—

My hacks:

Filling the Boundless herb chamber and messing with gunky screens gets inconvenient for my day to day microdosing needs. I can get .4g of dry herb in the chamber, but I don’t always want to use that much and I miss the not stirring of my hybrid vape. My CFX

Enter the Storez and Brickel dosing capsules!

These hold 0.2g of herb somewhat finely ground- HALF of what the Tera holds otherwise.
I can load some sativas and indicas and hybrids and just put the capsule in when I want thru the day. You can get them on ebay and its a nice convenient way to save bud and get hits with less mess.

You can now have a few indica pods laying around for pre-bedtime relaxation. Or preload sativas for your wake and bake.

Makes for easy change over to the WPA also. BONUS, the dosing capsules mean you don’t have to stir! Just get the AVB out of a bunch of capsules later when you are refilling the next ones. Makes for so much less mess!

Austin 420 says:

Check out the Fury 2 and Fierce by Healthy Rips! Great Vaporizers also!💯💯

Austin 420 says:

The Tera V3 by Boundless is a top tier vaporizer. It is definitely a heavy hitter vape!!💯 It performs amazing in a water pipe! The interchangeable 18650 batteries makes it a excellent choice. The Tera V3 is for sure one of my daily drivers.💯💯 Works best if you lightly pack the bowl with a medium course grind.

Mitch Cowan says:

Just picked it up this week. Started at 400 and it was too hot on the pull. I will have to try at 380 but it seemed to be too hot for comfort when on the go. I worry it'll burn my skin if i put it in a pants or jacket pocket lol. Maybe its different with the glass adapter vs the plastic but I like the angle of the plastic. Its GREAT with the bong adapter, amazing even, but its a shame b/c its fits so well in the hand. I think its an ideal at home couch hand-held/portable but not really if you are out and about. Still a fantastic vape

0X OX says:

capsules stolen from storz and bickel …

Ray Ranstrom says:

Thank you for putting this video up on youtube. I have two CFXs a CF and the Tera. Hands down the Tera has the capacity for more unrestricted air flow so it's the best. You are 100% true about the AVB. I cook that in homemade ghee. If I use two oz of AVB to ghee from two sticks of butter I can safely take 3.5 grams of the ghee at a time. My problem is vaping enough to satisfy my cannaghee love.

Robert Bugnacki says:

I also use Boundless Tera V3, and I am very happy with it! Thank you for the video! Greetings from Poland 🙂

James Allen says:

I am sure it is a good vape, enjoyed your presentation. Yet too much fiddling for my hands and liking … nice, Cheers!

Jt Munn says:

Take my advice pick yourself up an E-Nano from epicvape. It's the easiest vaporizer to use hands down.

Jas George says:

so is the CFX or Tera the better vape?

MostlyWeed says:

I love my Tera, I'm on my second one already.
It works best when you just stuff if full of weed, nice to have a few buds to share it with cause you get a few bong hits out of a small load.

# says:

aye Holly it's travis from Olney. Look out for those capsules… take an empty one and rub on a white sheet of paper. i wonder how much of that we take inside our lungs?

Pistol Pete says:

Great video, just got a Tera yesterday. So far so good, thanks for the tip on those dosing capsules. It looks like you have a great system with the containers too. I'm going shopping right now.

Zach F says:

Thank you for the video! What temperature are you starting at with your Tera?

bndlstech says:

Great video! Thank you for the support and appreciate you getting this information out to the community!

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