Ghost MV1 review

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Shout out to everyone at ghost for making a great vaporizer. Heres the link to buy directly from planet of the vapes

Heres my affiliate link directly from ghost website.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

Music by: Starz Coleman (Weed Fein)

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david029014 says:

I hold mine different. I keep the battery facing my hand, with my middle finger and thumb holding the edges, then I use my pointer finger to press the button. So when it's in my mouth the front of unit is facing the floor, battery is towards the ceiling. Your finger won't touch anything hot.

david029014 says:

I own this, its awesome! What's your next convection vaporizer on your list.

Trainwreck Tottman says:

There was no vapour from the concentrates because the wrong setting was selected. Two red led’s is high dry herb setting, three red is for concentrates, and a different heat up sequence must be followed. It’s all in the instructions.

G Shmoker says:

Just got my Ghost! Rewatching this staying wavy with you ! One of your day 1 s right here!

Kishalicious says:

"Don't qoute me"

ryn88220 says:

These are great when they work but I’ve had 3 break on me in 6 months , seriously regret buying it . The heat sink doesn’t seal very well either . 310 dollar piece of bullshit .

ocean ramon says:

The heat sink problem is now fixed do not pull out the heat sink and try to disassemble it when you get it you will break it

Jt Munn says:

Dude said I done dropped it like twice and then later on in the video talking about it should come with two mouthpieces "there's clumsy people out there but I'm not one of them" YES YOU ARE if you've dropped it twice LOL

Honest Reviews says:

i STRONGLY DISAGREE AT THE MOMENT. The mighty and Crafty can still to this day stand up to everything else thats out there however in the next couple few years when they better learn how to work with convection, It will be and is the way of the future.

Newjersey Medical Patient says:


Flame On The Beat says:

How is the Ghost MV1 after the app release and updates?

Jay Ulmer says:

Cant wait to get mine vap4life

chris salinas says:

I have a grasshopper. How's it compare ?

Muksood Shaikh says:

Which is better firefly 2 or ghost.

Blitz Crime says:

This vape is pretty awesome. I can't say it was fully worth its money but it does pack a good punch. I'm probably going to stick the the IQ for portability.

Flame Beats says:

Haven’t bought any vapes since the Fury which I always turn on and forget which cooks it. Do you think the Ghost MV1 is the best convection right now??

Guilherme Alvares says:

Dont buy this unit! Horrible vape!

Heugh Jassman says:

It's in the beta phase still. Lots of units not working correctly. Convection vapes should have huge chambers and not pods because they dont waste weed when you're not drawing so you can take a hit any time you want. This is very hard to fill on the go, the lids do not lock in place and it's a pain in the ass to unload and load unless you're sitting at home. That bowl gets very damn hot and builds up resing fast, clogging and making it not vape evenly meaning wasted material.

It's a good effort and it does give good hits, but for what you have to do to keep it working as intended is not what I enjoy doing when I'm high. Could just be me though.

Scoobysubiedoo says:

I'm looking to buy my first high-end vap and cannot decide between the ghost or mighty. Portability isn't a concern so large heavy units won't bother me. What do you prefer?

Chris White says:

LOL MV1 is a piece of fuckin shit, The Mighty with or without the water pipe adapter is the king of home/portable vapes and alot of the hype created around the MV1 is due to VapeLife and Bud (AkA) The Vape Critic… if you speak ill of the ghost on the Vapelife forum you get your post deleted… it is stupid… but yeah MV1 is bullshit…

greplink says:

Did you pay for this vape, or any other, out of your own pocket? Or are they given to you exchange for a review?

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