Ghost MV1 Vaporizer [PRODUCT REVIEW]: Premium Vape for Dry Herb and Concentrates | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer [PRODUCT REVIEW]: Premium Vape for Dry Herb and Concentrates

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A relatively new introduction to the premium portable vaporizer space, the Ghost MV1 vape packs in a full feature set with quick heat-up time and high-quality construction, check the in’s and out’s of this exciting new vape with Jimmy as your sherpa to the clouds. A quality dry herb vape in its own right, the Ghost MV1 is already drawing quick comparisons to familiar standards such as the Mighty vaporizer. So what does the premiere price tag of the Ghost MV1 bring to your vape table?

Jimmy leads things off with a rundown of the vaporizer itself. The Ghost MV1 doesn’t skimp on quality, built using custom-sourced materials that ensure the utmost reliability, safety and performance, Jimmy runs down the build and design of this top-tier vape. Batteries are one of the most important aspects of any vaporizer and in this regard, the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is an over-achiever, featuring a removable and replaceable battery with one of the highest outputs and capacities we’ve seen in a portable vaporizer.

At the heart of the Ghost MV1 is its proprietary loading system, dubbed the crucible, this system can be used with either dry herb or concentrates. In the how-to-use sections, Jimmy breaks down what goes into loading the crucible for dry herb or for concentrate use. He also offers insights on the operation of the device, which can be controlled manually or through an integrated Bluetooth app. Catch this section before loading up your Ghost MV1 vaporizer for the best results.

After putting in some quality time with the Ghost MV1 portable vape, Jimmy offers his tips to get the best performance out of the unit. This part of the video illustrates how to properly cycle through temperatures to get the best possible flavor out of the Ghost MV1 from your dry herbs or concentrate loading materials. For those looking to get the largest clouds Jimmy also includes a section on how to get maximum vapor production from the unit.

Jimmy offers his Pros & Cons on the unit so prospective buyers can know what to look forward to as well as understand some minor drawbacks that are associated with the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. He concludes everything in the wrap-up, leaving the viewer with some final thoughts on the unit.
00:00:44 Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Overview
00:03:13 What’s in the Box?
00:04:03 How to use the Ghost Vape with Dry Herb
00:05:37 How to Use Ghost MV1 with Concentrates
00:06:41 Jimmy’s Tips & Tricks
00:09:17 Pros & Cons of Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
00:11:33 Conclusion
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Ramon Roman says:

Nice review I would like to give few tips that I use I just load the crusible with medium fine grind fully packed but not too tight then put the highest setting I take 3 nice hits then I take the crusible out when it cools down do a 180 pop the crusible back in and get another couple of really good clouds and usually I get 6 nice draws enough to make me feel nice now I have the mighty as well and I love both of them mighty is a monster when it comes to vapor but I feel the same effects with just 1 crusible on the mv1 and that says alot

Tony B says:

Hey brother, quick question, when you were talking about the cloud chasing method what was that first temp you started with, the review showed 3 red dots which is concentration mode?

Passion Vapotager says:

Hi, good review, you speak speed for a french. I ve got this vape, and this is my best one. I did a review too, not so good quality as you … a day maybe. Good 420 ;o)

907akraven says:

Great review. I use mine on the 3rd heat cycle. After a few hits, I go up to the 4th.

mattchu42069 says:

U can't leave links in the description for tobacco products my dude. And they classify vape devices as tobacco which is dumb

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