GHOST VAPES MV1: FOLLOW-UP VIDEO [REVIEW] 5 MONTHS LATER… | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review


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As promised, here is my review of the Ghost MV1 by Ghost Vapes. This has been my experience using it for about the last 5 months.

Despite a few bugs with the app (and my blasted G5!), it’s been a solid unit and I highly recommend it. Ghost Vapes is a great company. Don’t be dissuaded by the hefty price tag because it’s worth every penny! This is one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market.

Here’s the first Unboxing/Review video I made for the Ghost MV1:

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Ash A says:

Prob head this million times but I need to what to get mv1 or mighty

Auto Highwayman says:

Can anyone tell me please- I dont have any bluetooth devices, so does that mean I would not be able to use the app at all if I wanted to customise settings? Big thanks for your review and any information take care man.

Jay Hustle says:

Yeah I really liked your video and your vibe, after all the other videos that I watched I was left feeling like I was being sold something continuously but you just are honest, this is the video that made me buy my Ghost, Ill update what I think after I get it. thanks dude!

Luke Freeman says:

I have also had issues with the app. Forgetting the device on the app, disconnecting and reconnecting it's battery, then repairing has worked every time so far though

Amin Chatoui says:

Good chill vid

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