GHOST Vapes MV1 Technology | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

GHOST Vapes MV1 Technology

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Find out more about the amazing technology packed inside the true-convection MV1 vaporizer

Nick May says:

What's the difference between the MV1 and the MV1 stealth ?.
I want to get a MV1 but looking on YouTube I've seen the all black stealth MV1 and people are saying it is better than the other MV1 colours why is this ?.
I like the nickel colour MV1 or rose gold MV1 but the black stealth MV1 sounds like it's a better vaporizer than the other colours of the MV1 ghost what is the truth ?.

Boris Bobrosvksy says:

This vape may very well be the best purchase I have ever made.

This vape has replaced my bong. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to smoke inside their university without anyone noticing. I vape in the middle of class and no-one notices. I vape in the library, in private study rooms, the hallways, cafeteria, my professors office while they are in the washroom, everywhere! I am sure security is happy as I no longer smoke bong inside the university which always leaves a strong smell.

OneBlind Mouse says:

Release date?

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