Glass Dragon Enail Bubbler – CloudV Electro Portable Enail

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Unboxing a fancy new glass dragon bubbler from CloudV for the Electro Portable Enail.


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I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.

Jay Mar says:

Fucking sick ! Your my favorite weedtuber by far bro just super down to earth with it you ever come to new Mexico bro ?

Joseph Casarez says:

That's dope AF

Lorenzo Urrutia says:

Just wanted to know if u have a medical issue or it's pure recreational cuz lol I'm hella hyped that u care free I hope soon they'll legalize it for recreational where I'm at

Jesse At War says:

love that new pice !

Pharell Ausby says:

if there's any dealers in Utah hmu on Snapchat at pharell001

RedShockOfHair says:

soooooo beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RapiDEraZeR says:

chasing the dragon has a new meaning to you now

Yun Nuby says:

awkward retard that's camera shy. what a fuck tard

SubnormalGamingFTW says:

It's "Puff the R3DBAND dragon". Much love, great video.

Q U A T T R O says:

do u even eat?

cameron utt says:

I'd call it smaug.

telepathy90 says:

For some reason I like hearing you talk lol dope video as usual

Damien Davenport says:

Just press L through the entire video. Saves time and you get the gist of the episode every time.

Dreamtime says:

that bong is you

john coen says:

next video you smoke with the red dragon he needs a name keep up the good work with the videos 2 thumbs up

whelkshuffler says:

Hey Red, Pug is looking for a new sidekick, maybe you could do one of them jumps on a lawnmower? spasss you can?

GanjaMan420 says:

That's pretty sick dude! It'd be better if it was like the sidecar one you have imo. Anyway nice piece!

R3DBAND says: Memorial Day Minecraft Monday

jake gerich says:

who else is takeing a steamy shit right now?!?! hell yea cheers redband u the man!

April Fool says:

Wow what a beauty! Love!

adrian wellman says:

Meh it's all right

SnakeBiteRS says:

Absolutely LOVE the videos man, Keep up the great work!

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