GPen Elite VS Grasshopper – Vaporizer Comparison

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The G Pen Elite Vaporizer VS the Grasshopper Vaporizer – Compare the vapor production created by both of these popular vaporizers set to around the same temperature! Vape On!
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Barak Porat says:

I can watch this in reruns

seaofgreens says:

Only thing similar between these vapes is the word "pen." One is convection the other is conduction. One is made in China, the other is made in Boulder. One is made for sessions, the other is made for ripping your face off. It's like apples and oranges is all.

Sunny Em Cee says:

elite tells u when to vappe by showing the exact temp u set it to heeat up

greg todd says:

You don't even inhale

Dynamite Lover says:

dog high af! ?

TakeItEasy says:

@VapeGossip I'm considering the GH and the Linx Gaia. Does your GH still function well after owning it for over 9 months? Any issues? I want to buy a durable vape that will last me years. Thanks!

JJ Lansford says:

sexy legs, dog lookin at you like "Mommy getting baked again" haha

Frank Joseph Quiroz says:

For first time herbal vape users, i would stick to the Micro G Pen. Real easy. Turns on after 5 times of the power button pressed, hold the button for heating which takes bout 5 seconds, and it charges with any phone charger.

kerpal321 says:

i would love to get you high and let you ride my face

peter deng says:

Hi friend

Have you heard the black mamba dry herb vaporizer, Besides would you mind help me to test it ?

Tim O'Connor says:

What temp did you have the Elite set at? I got one a few weeks ago and it doesn't produce like my crafty, I love everything else about it, but vapor is a bit underwhelming. I'm wondering if its the temp or packing?

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