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The Grasshopper has been the most highly anticipated vaporizer of 2015. It’s a device that was born out of a successful Kickstarter campaign, and people have followed along with every step of the design as they awaited their product. Now that it’s here – does it deliver on what it set out to? Super fast heat-up, small form factor, great battery, highly efficient, full convection vaporization….the list goes on and on. Can it really deliver all of this and more? Should you order one of these units, not knowing how long the wait will be? Join me as we go over this exciting new unit!

0:25 Components of kit
2:57 Take apart Grasshopper
4:19 How to reassemble
5:01 How to fill chamber
6:07 How to change temperature
7:14 How to use the Grasshopper
9:13 Charging the unit
10:23 Flexibility
10:36 Cleaning
12:30 Battery life
13:49 Heat up time
14:37 Taste
15:04 Size of toke
15:55 Harshness
17:01 Smell
17:38 Ruggedness
18:18 Efficiency
19:45 Stealth factor
20:26 Effects
21:01 Price
21:26 Red & Blue
23:33 Favourite things
25:35 Gripes
27:31 Final Thoughts

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essem says:

Anyone in uk interested in buying my grasshopper? Selling cheap. Reply here and we'll arrange something

David Hefner says:

Find a small kitchen funnel and cut the end off to fit….measure the diameters your working with.

Bob Troti says:

Great vape, when it works and you aren’t waiting a year for warranty services.

strictlyred says:

would you still recommend this vape

Deplorables United says:

Dry herb vaporizers are stupid in general. If this thing was for wax it would be perfect

Aethertang says:

They took the idea of a vape pen a little to seriously.

abraca dabba says:

Get the raw cone loader to use to pack this with, it would be perfect

The DrunkenFrogg says:

I used to have a dry herb vapor pen I gave it away when I stopped smoking I always thought that it worked a lot better than a volcano when I would run out of weed I would smoke my abv out of a gravity bong

Big L. Diesel says:

I have read a lot of reviews citing a high defect rate with the grasshopper. Has this improved?


oh i thought this was a liquid vape pen for nicotine but its a herb vape

Wandi Andi says:

masok pak.eko

ROBTAT2 says:

Next review…. Turn that fucking annoying music off. Seriously it's really annoying and distracting. Thanks

uninstalled user says:

Do a Yocan dive pen review!!!

Celeste Defilipi says:

Nice to hear someone use adverbs properly…

itsdbkyall says:

Is this still available?

dave matthews says:

This looks like a pretty cool vape but what good is it if you can only take one toke at a time?

elizabeth bullock says:

what is the glass pipe you added and what affect do you get by using that along with the pen thankyou


does wax work in it?

stillview08 says:

Do!!! Not!!!! Buy!!!!!! The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Sent mine in to get fixed under the lifetime warranty and I have been waiting for it for 6 months!!!! Buy something else there is plenty of others out here

White Top says:

I'm sorry, but I'm new to things like this. However, can I put vape juice in this?

Vapletrichs Gne says:

“..but for me, I just use the pen naked”. lmao dude.

RoadsideRevival says:

Love my Grasshopper but it lasted a month before I had to send it in for service. Now it has been in service for a month and a half. They are trying to improve their product and told me it would be finished when their processes are improved. In the meantime I bought a Pax 3. Haven't had any problems with the Pax. I'm actually starting to like the Pax before the Grasshopper. The only problem I have with the Pax is the smell is much stronger so it is not as stealth. I spent a lot of money for the Grasshopper. I hope one day it is repaired and returned to me.

Layke Phanthe says:

Thanks for this. One thing I realize about the heat, and maybe you already know this but I don’t rest my lips on the tip when I inhale. I put it on the part between the tip and lights (I forgot the name and probably would’ve said shaft”. It doesn’t heat up at all

Dispatch 187 says:

Lmao “herb”, nigga that’s loud

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