Grasshopper vs Firefly 2: Portable Vaporizer Video Review and Comparison

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The Grasshopper and the Firefly 2 have totally changed the world of portable vaporizers, with their instant-heating, pocket sized convection technology. But which is the better of the two? The Vapefiend takes a look.

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Chicka Dee says:

I got the Firefly2 . I love it, my friends love it when they vape from mine. They’re impressed with the flavor every time . It’s the best for flavor

Colm Magner says:

Prove the old adage is true– never act with kids or animals. 😂

El Duderino says:

love your vids but in no way does the grasshopper put the cloud evo to shame, smdh….

Joe Holleron says:

do you suggestion any other good cool vapes, i had a pinnacle pro but felt it was far to harsh on my throat i want a good cool rip. i only use herbs

Chiang PC says:

Now you got a new follower. Regards from Chile.

Ricky Brown says:

I'm new to all of this. Recommend by doctor for pain, insomnia but I now nothing about smoking weed. Dr. Suggest oil or a wax. I HATE THE BURN IN MY THROAT AND COUGHING! I don't understand thc, cbd, cbn, etc. I just need Something to hit 1 or 2 times at night to go to sleep. I'm alone and do not like being too high. CAN YOU RECOMMEND A CANNIBAS LEVEL AND A VAPER COMPANY THAT I SHOULD USE

Corey Myers says:

If party sessions with mainly smokers and discreetness were more heavily weighed for you, would you still recommend the firefly 2 as your preference?

Marcos Augusto says:

How about reliability ? How long have you had both vaporizers and how often to you use them ?
I received my Grasshopper in November 2016 and already had to ship it three times back to the manufacturer for repairs due to unresponsive charging cable, LED sensor malfunction, no heat, battery charging issues, etc.
I lost all confidence that my Grasshopper will ever function properly even for a very short period of time until needing repairs again (two weeks at most !) so i decided to sell it as soon as it arrives back from latest repair, if i manage to find a buyer, and i just placed an order for a Firefly 2 vaporizer which i hope will perform up to specifications.
Grasshopper vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty, although i doubt the company will be around even five years from now, but what is the sense of such warranty if i have to keep shipping my unit back for repairs every month for what appears to be a design flaw ?

Andrew Debasque says:

I like the way your say Heerrbs mate!

Randy Flores says:

I have both and well its too soon to say which one I like better

Floating says:

7:30 doggy wants to play! nice look at two of the nicest vapes out

Rotem Shoshani says:

Crafty/Mighty FTW!

xlifewritex says:

Firefly 2 is overpriced and doesn't give consistent results.

Calisthenics and Fruit says:

do most glass bongs work well with vapourisers. Just ordered the flowermate pro mini, which comes with adapter, would that work with the glass bong u show in the video?

Āris Plūģis says:

i prefer GrassHopper.

it is stealthy, powerful and it fits into all glass pieces without any extra connector or adapter. stealth is important sometimes. not everywhere even an e-cigs are allowed to be used indoors. once i was asked to leave premises because i vaped on a peppermint 🙂 while others continued to enjoy same peppermint in a tea cup form. this is vaping discrimination! 🙂

anywayz,… FireFly2 looks like a vaporizer and policeman can see dat pre-loaded stuff trough round window, while Hopper is nothing but a pen. carry it around together with notebook, and no one will ever know. as long as GrassHopper aint no advertised to everybody and becomes a main stream product which everybody know.

also hopper can be used while charging and its batteries can be charged in various 3rd party external chargers. those battery selling points settled a decision to not to buy a FF2 after mine pro/con assessment. if i have had a FireFly original and its charging dock already, than maybe i could choose a FF2. because then i had a charging dock for dat extra battery. without charging dock that extra battery is kinda useless, IMO. cant charge them both at the same time when returning back home from work, for example. and even if you could charge them both, no vaping while charging allowed anywayz. so you come home and wait quite a while for dat big battery to reach at least 70% of capacity, before taking a relaxing evening vape.

so yeah. FF2 is not in my hands because of inconvenient battery recharging (and a new battery price as well) and its bong none-connectivity. why they couldn't just make a cone shaped mouthpiece like Hopper did? Jeez,…. do they even consult consumers before designing a vape? waiting for FF3 where all these major flaws are fixed. and user should be able to close dat round window in a non-getho duck-tape manner. for policeman not to see.

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