Gravity Vaporizer by KandyPens Review & Unboxing | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Gravity Vaporizer by KandyPens Review & Unboxing

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Check out the Gravity by Kandypens here:
To get out of the store for around $100 like I mentioned, use the promotional code “HYPHY25” when you check out.
The Gravity by Kandypens is a superior device that offers incredibly strong hits, and rips like a champ! Good flavor, great battery life, and overall – I’ve just had an amazing experience with the device so far! Thanks for watching! Be sure to give it a like and click that subscribe button!

Mucki Muck says:

Also for Rosin?

jvwideAwake says:

can i use this to vape cbd oil?

Silver Whale says:

hi, thx for the video, can i put oil in the chamber? to be honest i never used a vaporizer in my life and would like to be one, i am a heavy smoker as well, is there anything that i can use all day long as if I'm smoking cigarettes? but i don't want to use wax, thx in advance.

krispy kreme says:

does the ceramic coiless atomizer work with shatter?


So how are the smell levels on this? Will apartment neighbors get suspicious if I had the window open? (Mind you my window faces the walk/breezeway where people walk by my window) I'd figure its not as bad as burning tree, but is this the safest way of burning? In terms of smell?


while I've been waiting for the puffco plus this has been around for months 😑

COGoddess says:

Wow! I want –

teddyandchop says:

What is the name of your favorite Extract? It sounded like Madrone but I can't find anything like that, if you could just let me know I would appreciate it…

chris sawma says:

just ordered mine today, so exicited!

Chevyz 301 says:

could you smoke rso oil in it?

Chad Vigue says:

Can you smoke ground products with it?

Michael Silver says:

does it hit any better than the galaxy when using the dual coil chamber or same shit?

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