Half Gram Dab Fail

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tommy Twotone says:

Don't drown in that puddle

Raven Gaming says:

Helllllllla not hot enough lollll

Raven Gaming says:

Niggas heating up the nail from every angle and shit 😂 still dont get it hot enough 😂😂

SirKingHoff says:

literally just sucked down a fat half gram into your rig. -________- invest in an enail

E Man says:

So much fail I had to like!

clorox bleach says:

yo what z tz motherfucka doin!!!!!

brian card says:

u have 18 subscribers for a reason

Sydney Dena says:

Faggot 💙

Wistianity says:

Haters in the comments, you keep being you bro.

Sucka Duh dick says:

When you have 16 subscribers so you think you're pro dabber

Parscuit says:

I don't wanna be as much of an asshole as the others, but you're trying wayyyyyyy tooo hard to be "cool" or whatever man. Obviously not yourself. Or maybe it is, either way, chilllllll scro.

HVKx Baller says:

you sound like a fagget

Smokin Dro From Tha O says:

this dude is drakes half brother from his jew side

y a h t z o' c l o c k says:


Gabriel 420 says:

go fuck you fuckeeer you are nathing

arsmith le says:

He looks like a Mexican Adam Sandler 😂

UnknownUser 8888 says:

your a fucking retard

ESCO says:

the intro funny as hell but i fw it

MojitoFTW says:

that rig is too dope dude who's the artist

SoulGenetics says:

Cheers man haha

Eddie Diaz says:

This shit had me laughing!

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