HawkEye FireFly 2 | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

HawkEye FireFly 2

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HawkEye Firefly 2

Hawkeye-Firefly-2 Link bit.ly/Hawkeye-Firefly-2
Manual Link bit.ly/Firefly2-Manual
Firmware Link bit.ly/Firefly-2-Firmware
Battery 4 pack bit.ly/300mAh-BatteryPack

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Song: Caro Giek feat. Sven Schwarz – Lines (Blaikz Remix) [Concordia Recordings]

Resolutions: 2.5K 30FPS/1080P 60/30FPS/720P 60FPS
Micro SD card: Class 10
SD card supported: 8-64G
Weight: 31 gram
Battery: 600mAH
Working time: About 60 minutes
Charging time: About 2-3 Hours
File format: MOV
Lens: F/2.8, 6 glasses
Angle: Diagonal 160 degrees
Voltage: 5V
Current: 400mA

-It is tiny, water resistant and yet powerful

-2.5K 30FPS, 1080p 60FPS
Hawkeye Micro 2 supports Max resolution at [email protected], and [email protected]!
That’4 times better than Micro 1!
The weight and size is still the smallest in the market!

-Only 31 gram
31 gram! It’s so light that it won’t affect your drone! Record Full HD video and fly as usual!

-Built In Battery
With built in battery there is less power noise that’s really convenient.
Just stick camera to your drone and fly! Built in battery can last about an hour!

-IPX4 water splash-resistant
We all know that drone can be easily flown into the water, grass or swamp. With water resistant camera video won’t be lost,
even when hitting harder or watery surfaces! We considered many solutions, and designed Micro 2 to be water resistant!

-Low latency video output for FPV
The latency of Micro 2 video output is only 40-50ms at [email protected] That’s really smooth and quick .

-External Battery Voltage measurement
Micro 2 can measure the battery voltage, and display it on the OSD. No need to buy an extra OSD board to get the voltage displayed.

-External Trigger to capture video/photo
There is two IO triggers to capture video/photo.
Note: active low @ 100ms .

-Other functions
New Micro 2 is equipped with more functions than Micro 1! We have added functions such as Time lapse video, photos and selfie shot.

-FPV, action Cam, dash Cam, DV
The main purpose of Micro 2 is to play FPV. But it’s so powerful that you can use it as an action camera, a dash camera or a DV!

Package included:
1 x Hawkeye Firefly Micro Cam 2 2.5K FPV Action Camera

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Paul Barnett says:

nice that you show AUD price.
something that uav futures is incapable of…

RCing in SC says:

I have 2 original Firefly cams. I suppose for the money , you can't go wrong. I usually just use mine as a hat cam or stationary cam . They do have pretty good audio .
Thx Trev.

Mixxer says:

perfect for the 3" love it man thanks for showing us 😀

Stephen Martin says:

great review GT cheers mate

ピラてラヂオFPV says:

I have one. Definitely needs ND filter during the sunny days, it looks pretty nice on the overcast days. For some reason sometimes I have to powercycle it 5 times before it boots up. It also corrupts files occassionally. Uh and wish it shot wider. And didn’t suffer of the fringing. But other
than that, it’s ok. Can’t think lf any other camera that weights the same and runs off its own battery while shooting real fhd. My 1408s don’t even know it’s there 😁

Anthony Porreca FPVRC says:

I was curious about these. Cool vid

Ben Crashin says:

Right in my price range. Thanks GT.

Heiple2007 says:

The "Grumpy" lives!!! Nice to have a word from you Trev, good enough for the average fly, keep the top shelf cams for a serious fly time. Thanks, Jeff

JohnnyD RC says:

Hi Trevor, I have always liked the firefly and now it's a firefly2 looks great for micro's or under 160mm , I still think that the picture is fine and on my screen it looks Great. Thanks again for the information on this camera.

Papadoc Fpv says:

Congrats on 10k, I'm almost there, only 9,620 to go, lol What do you think of this one over the last one, my audio was always out of sync. Thanks GT

MC's Creations says:

Pretty nice little camera, dude! 😃
Great flying and review!

paul wolven says:

For $40 US, it looked pretty good.
You could do worse for more $.
Good to see you picking up some slack, Mr Grumpy.
G'day from the US.

Skytex says:

Still that same damn charger connector! I had to stop using my original firefly because I lost that cable and couldn't charge it anymore. Looks good otherwise!

Drunken FPV says:

gRAND Mar says sexy.

Adrian Ryan says:

Good one GT.

RD Simmers says:

Nice work. We need GrumpyTrev merch!
👍👍from your oldphart fan in Bangkok

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