Hawkeye Firefly 2 Action Cam Review | Courtesy BangGood | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Hawkeye Firefly 2 Action Cam Review | Courtesy BangGood

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Can you ever have too many action cameras? I think not – here’s some of my thoughts on the newest compact action camera from Hawkeye, the Firefly 2.

This camera was supplied to me by BangGood for review purposes. Many thanks to Kylie Zhong for making this possible.

Here is a link to the camera – it will be discounted until the 24th May 2019 – www.banggood.com/custlink/GvDKH3QgTV

nerdCopter [Thibodaux Louisiana] says:

+1👍 courtesy model !?! Banggood flat out refused me for so low subs a couple months ago.

Youdrone314 says:

Awesome review, it looks amazing sweet flying and video nice work my friend 👏🏽👏🏽👀

Foxtrot Fpv says:

Very cool I need one

RC VHX 22 says:

Awesome vide thumb up👍 and thank you for sharing it with us

Tonys Rc Tech says:

The camera quality is good, once you get used to it then it will be fine, great unboxing, nice testing it on the TRX4 and Drone, great video Neil 👍😁👍

Tibor Von says:

#558 hi buddy tony rc tech has sent me over

DIY Rc says:

mice review quality is really great for the price

sator rotas says:

Excellent , very good review and great new action cam !!

Pat Regan says:

Looks like a decent camera for about $50! When I was starting out, I was just as worried about loosing a GoPro as I was about smashing one to bits. Sure, you can buy the insurance and turn in a busted GoPro for a refund, but that only works if you could find it! And it would be a bummer to lose a $250 camera when flying a cheap $150 drone!

I like that there are some good, inexpensive options for beginners!

Void X RC says:

That looks like a decent little camera


This was a great in-depth review, thanks bro!! Well done 😀

DutchRC Adventures says:

not bad brother 🙂 I have the v1, and it indeed isn't a gopro but these are Light & wurth their price..
Cheers & have a good weekend 🙂

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