Hawkeye Firefly Micro Cam 2

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Firefly 2 CN bit.ly/2Ua6VHK
Firefly 2 USA bit.ly/2GFR1Rg
Firefly 1 bit.ly/2DCufb4
Mobius Mini bit.ly/2IVdqvp
Turtle v2 bit.ly/2IUkM2g
runcam split bit.ly/2Rv5k22

Up scaled to 4k60 to see in higher definition than youtube allows

Firmware update bit.ly/2IGwTR1

Manual bit.ly/2WaNLCQ

HGLRC Arrow 3: bit.ly/2uUzI86

My Gear:
Taranis: bit.ly/2ReLpUN
XM+ (look up rssi on channel 8) bit.ly/2H3NApB
RXSR: bit.ly/2CVjyAv
R9M: bit.ly/2GZM7AH
R9 MM Receiver bit.ly/2UeZ4vS
Crossfire: bit.ly/2ODAXkm
Jumper T12 Plus: bit.ly/2LYSd35
Flysky I6X: bit.ly/2QxancO
Fatshark HD3 Core: bit.ly/2Gx5IqN
Diopters: bit.ly/2HV1eKA
Fatshark HDO: bit.ly/2CXaGdi
Aomway Commander: bit.ly/2Flg8bT
EV800D: bit.ly/2LXBq0m
FXT Viper for glasses: bit.ly/2shEpI1
True D Diversity: bit.ly/2LVEcTS
Aomway Cloverleaf: bit.ly/2Qr05Lr
Menace Pico: bit.ly/2sNGP1p bit.ly/2Okh6Xz
Menace Bandicoot: bit.ly/2S81nzD bit.ly/2NGW3RH
5″ Props: bit.ly/2Rjy8KH
Charger: bit.ly/2LWKwKR

Best Cameras:
Micro Swift: bit.ly/2QwNhDl
Micro Sparrow :bit.ly/2FeSSx0

Best VTX:
IRC Tramp: bit.ly/2FiIROv

Best 30×30 stack: bit.ly/2FdilH4
Best 20×20 Stack for 5 inch: bit.ly/2SNzD0F
Best 20/20 stack for micros: bit.ly/2FfpJRo

Best 6 Inch rtf
Diatone 2018 GT-Tyrants 630: bit.ly/2Fiboni

Best 7 Inch rtf

Best BNF 5 racers inch (in order):
BATMAN220 (103MPH): bit.ly/2CVNcWf
Emax Hawk 5 (106MPH):bit.ly/2GYqAs9
Hobbymate Meteor (106mph): bit.ly/2Umzxy9
Hobbymate Comet (103mph): bit.ly/2NH0eJk
HGLRC Mefisto 5-6S: (103MPH) bit.ly/2HBUbIi
Kopis 2 SE (101 MPH): bit.ly/2xOuR9E
Diatone 2018 GT R530 (97mph) : bit.ly/2RAShLz
KK 5GTL https (96MPH) bit.ly/2C7XAZc

Best 5 Inch Freestyle RTF:
Skystars Star-Lord bit.ly/2QymKFP
Emax Buzz bit.ly/2v4nNF6

Best gopro mounts Brain3d:

Best Ultralight endurance RTF (in order)
Diatone GT-M515 (106mph) bit.ly/2Qv3fhl
LDARC 200GT (101mph) bit.ly/2H3QsTp

Best 3 Inch racers (sub 250 Gram) (in order)
Skyzone S140 (112mah) bit.ly/2Nk1IZJ
Diatone GT-M3 (107mph) bit.ly/2CTOpx2
HGLRC Arrow 3 (105 Mph) bit.ly/2uUzI86
Diatone Gt-R349 (104 MPH) bit.ly/2Jtuz1g
HGLRC XJB-145 (99MPH) :bit.ly/2FdG8GH
Eachine TS130 (108mph): bit.ly/2RAKBZN

Best Sub 250G Cine Freestyle Copter:
Geprc GEP-CX Cygnet bit.ly/2RN0fl5

Best 2.5 Inch:
Diatone GT-M2.5 bit.ly/2Qv4oFF
Babyhawk R Pro bit.ly/2C9COsb

Best 2 Inch:
Babyhawk R: bit.ly/2H1f7YG

Best Tiny Whoop for indoors
UK65 bit.ly/2RuWMYj
Battery: bit.ly/2SNBeDH
Tiny Hawk: bit.ly/2uuQAlR

Outdoors Or larger Areas:
Mobula7: bit.ly/2LZ82Xm

Best Cine Whoop
Mobula7 HD bit.ly/2HGaeoq

Lipo Killers:


ARC MUSIC bit.ly/2Wr7gXe

AndyRC says:

Firefly 2 CN bit.ly/2Ua6VHK

Firefly 2 USA bit.ly/2GFR1Rg

Firefly 1 bit.ly/2DCufb4

Mobius Mini bit.ly/2IVdqvp

Turtle v2 bit.ly/2IUkM2g

runcam split bit.ly/2Rv5k22

quad55555 says:

hi is there a protective case or 3d printed mounts for extra protection for this model?

william d says:

Thanks to a Great review.

fpvlarge.co.uk says:

I found the mk 1 really good for recording quality, especially for the $15 price! However, I found the operation control poor & illogical/variable, but that may just be me..!

Satya Wahana says:

With SQ 23, who more the best????

Hyprmtr says:

Did you strap both those cameras on that three inch? ?

Wesley Crutchfield says:

Have you considered the MOKACAM, 4K, 25FPS with a 16MP sensor, I have one, it's not bad for the price, it would be good to have your review and opinion, see link



TMac says:

Thanks Andy for the informative video. Got the Firefly 2 and setup per your instructions. Would not have been able to do so just based on instruction manual. Thanks again!

Alluvian says:

Great video, was hoping I could save a little money and get a form factor that I like more, but all the small negatives for no gain makes this a no go for me. Thanks!

OdinnFPV says:

nice video. would be nice to see them against cad turtles v2, foxeer mix and the run cam. all in one vid so you could see the difference between an AIO and an stand alone cam

nerdCopter [Thibodaux Louisiana] says:

+1? got one, jello jello jello. put gel pads between frame+mount+cam, still jello. will have to get TPU to hopefully fix.
plugged into my TV for setup, but glad i re-watched this, because i do have a composite cable like you presented.
set mine to auto-record to lessen the hassle.

foo says:

The stepped exposure changes are annoying, mobius changes exposure much more smoothly. I once had problems with a similar cheap camera in a toy drone when trying to apply a video stabilization tool to the footage it interpreted the abrupt brightness steps as scene changes because two subsequent frames were not similar enough anymore and could not be aligned. The result was unusable and I had to do a lot of trickery to make it work in the end.

Toruk Makto says:

Great review Andy

M TECHTips says:

Andy do you know what file formate this records at?

Stanton High says:

That propwash.. ?
What is it 2018?


Great comparison, but i wish you had a better flying quad bud, need help tuning?

Fuzz says:

I have one, I guess it’s v1. It’s GARBAGE. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Mad I bought it. Bad lighting adjustments, awful.

Nicola Guerrera says:

I preordered it 2 months ago. It has been shipped on the 4th of April, and it's still in Thailand. I hope I'll get my hands on It ASAP. It definately looks better than my DVR. The only real advantage the Mobious has for me Is the Better dynamic range.

V8Digital says:

Looks like more gopro cube copycat junk. Ugh when will the box format go away? Original mobius or runcam2 shape is sooo much easier and more streamlined to mount to any craft. All these cam manufacturers need to scrap micro usb as well. Flimsy junk first thing to break on ANY electronic device is that tiny board on the male side and too small to effectively repair or solder. Surprising how many things in our hobby are NOT improving over time. Frustrating isnt it.

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