Haze V3 vs DaVinci Ascent vs Mighty: Best Battery Life

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DaVinci Ascent – goo.gl/pzpNNf

Haze V3 – goo.gl/9nQzCk

Mighty – goo.gl/3mwiww

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In this week’s installment of our extensive portable vaporizer showdown, we’re looking at battery life. By far one of the most important features to consider when looking for a portable vape. Which unit has the best battery life per charge? We’ve narrowed it down to three!

In this video we are looking at our top picks for the best battery life. For the purpose of this video, we looked at units that offer the best battery life using only the components included in the kit, so spare batteries are not taken into account.

At Australian Vaporizers we care about quality and want you to make the most informed decision possible. Please keep in mind that all reviews are based purely on our personal opinions and anecdotal experiences, as well as those of the many customers we interact with on a daily basis.

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Robbin Palmer says:

so what happens to the Haze over time to the hole in the bottom of the chamber, as I noticed there are no instructions as to how to clean this (where the inflow is) if one used a dry herb screen, isn't resin going to wind up in that hole? if a person is not inhaling, then the material heated in the chamber, will flow into the hole, and over time the unit will become clogged because "when the chamber is heated the resin will flow into that hole" … granted cleaning the chamber will help, but resin will still flow into this hole over time, and the unit will not work … shouldn't this be addressed? or at least should the company inform those who use the screens for dry herb that this is a possibility? hmmmmmm, and the company will void the warranty if you try to open the unit and clean this yourself, and yet the only solution they give is to keep the chambers clean, seems to me that this is a major design flaw, that will become apparent to those, who use the unit quite a bit over time, and it seems that the company is reluctant to release this info

Increased Elevation says:

love the series! cant wait to see the next installment!!

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