Hera 2 Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Review | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Hera 2 Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Review

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Hera 2 Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer Review Learn more or purchase on at vapedynamics.com/

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popkm popkms says:

Hello! Only saying this because I love your channel and want it to thrive! But nowadays it's really nessicary to mention that videos are sponsored in your description. I have no idea if this specific one is sponsored but it might save you a lawsuit or demonitization in the future! Love u keep up what you do 💚

Omar Flores says:

Bring my nigga bogart back😂

gizmotron junior says:

Nice fuckin mustache!

OverDose665 22 says:

Would you do a review on the Eclipse Vape Pen I have one and I love it

Joel Brown says:

Leafly did a review about 4 months ago but I see ya'll

Josh Graziosi says:

The site for the this vape will not let me in !

Bud Nonymous says:

Nice review my friend
🇨🇦💯👊#cannabiscommunity #medicalcannabis #budnonymous.

Lisa Trombly says:

Massgrowstv ❤'s this

T Soprano 420 says:

Nice video 🥂

chamopapaya444 says:

Does it smell like burning weed when you took the first Puff, I recently moved into an apartment, I've been looking for something discreet.

George Garvey says:

MIGHTY vaporizer, all day!!


Hey Matt…just dropping by and still enjoy your unboxing videos….much love brother….Peace n Puff.

DeepGlaze says:

Their website doesn’t work I’m on mobile and I keep clicking that I’m 21 and it doesn’t go away and let me access the site

Water says:

Does it remove the smell

bhips ahoy says:

Like the reviews but can you put the price plz

Nightmarelord says:

Id prefer one of these over the pax II / III any day. Reason? External power button. also the normal usb charging so if ur in a car or something, u dont have to worry about it sliding off the dock, like with the pax II / III. Also the pax II/III has to be replaced every so often if u use it alot due to the power button being inside the device and condensation gets all over the button eventually. So basically its a pax without the design flaw.

david rodriguez says:


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