Herborizer XL glass vaporizer with Lux bubbler, Amsterdam

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Here is the amazing Herborizer from France. I’m using it with a Lux bubbler.

Herb: White Fire OG from Coffeeshop Utopia, Amsterdam

Music by Thesis (Australia), used with permission.

xXJAEdotXx says:

sexy video bro, great shots defo new sub xD

look2christ777 says:

that is NOT white fire og…looks nothing like the wifi we have out here in southern california

IxE909PxG says:

that white fire looks nothing like the white fire OG here in california

Dan Cen says:

where can i get this song?

dirt says:

i don't see a reason to have it filter through water but very cool nonetheless

Videogame420 says:

Fuckkk at the start of this video so fucking loud n i had to lower my speakers from 50 to 12 waking up my dick neighbors.

Tomas Av. says:

My chemistry class had less tubes than this vaporizer 😀

RockaBilly says:

good brother !! I have some doubts and I hope you solve me. 1) it is fragile? I have afraid that is glass. 2) it gets dirty? and in that case and it brings you need to clean it? 3) the grass is used if you put little?

EQOAnostalgia says:

I want one with multi colored LEDs at the bottom.

ro cam says:

Warning. System that works fine but very fragile glass. I suggest you take the hose clip. Attention. Systeme qui fonctionne très bien mais verre très fragile. Je vous conseille de prendre le clip de serrage.

pure kush says:

They go out of there way to go glass on glass and use a metal screen vrip tech is way better it's all glass including the screen and easier to use

Valentine 420 says:

where can I buy one of these?

junior fernandez says:

shitty invention in my opinion, because you have to keep inhaling just to milk it up that takes to long its better just to get a instant hit

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