How to Clean the Pax 3 Vaporizer by Ploom | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

How to Clean the Pax 3 Vaporizer by Ploom

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How to clean your pax 3 or pax 2 dry herb vaporizer vaporizer by Ploom.

Amazing vaporizer, just a pain to clean sometimes. However, these steps will get you vaping in no time.

ORGONEkillsEVIL says:

Nice, thank you.

Chow Chow says:

great job this was thorough and i liked how you took your time showing how you clean it lol i just got mine and i want to take great care of it

Bobcat93 says:

Good video.. It shows all I wanted to know.. Although I didn't know that tid-bit of info about the concentrate / warranty.. Damn I just ordered mine because I thought Pax3 had there shit together.. But no.. Here is a product we made.. Most people have good luck with.. If you don't, oh well.. We tried.
Anyway thanks for the informative video..
Good Vibes to all

VioJH says:

Eh, came here to look for what I need, left with questions answered. Don't know why there's so many dislikes.

Tips for future videos:
– Clip videos
– Shorten video length (people are impatient)
– Do this indoors to cut outside noise or get a better recording device (if you have the $$)


John M says:

And i thought the firefly 2 was high maintenance with concentrates.

PB Hend says:

Another tip, don't buy the pax cleaning kit. It's $15 for enough alcohol/supplies to clean it 3-4 times. You can buy a year supply of isopropyl for $5 at CVS, and a year supply of pipe cleaners and Q-tips for $5 each and be set. Or pay $15 every month or so because you decided you like the packaging their cleaning kit comes in

Ace Tuggsock says:

Cleaning its really not bad, cleaning a rifle sucks

Steve Shaw says:

Hi, what type of concentrates do you use? Shatter?

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