How To Clean Your Pulsar APX Dry Herb Vape

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Step-by-step instructions on how to clean the Pulsar APX Vape!

Pulsar APX 2 Dry Herb Vape

The Pulsar APX Vape offers the next gen of portable, affordable, palm-sized vapes! A faster 30-second heat time, haptic feedback, enhanced LED display, ergonomic mouthpiece, silicone mouthpiece insert, 10x16mm ceramic chamber, finely tuned temperature settings, and more! Best of all- there are multiple designs to match your cool. Choose from brushed aluminum in black, blue, gold, rose gold or silver; and artistic designs like skulls, tie dye, wood grain, THC molecule and Urban design. 1 year end user warranty.

Other features include a simple 5-click power function and a auto turnoff function. The kit includes the APX, USB cable, stir tool, cleaning brush, and extra mouthpiece silicone insert. Everything comes packaged in a reusable gift box.

Pulsar APX 2 Dry Herb Vape

4″ dry herb vaporizer
1600mAh lithium battery
30-second heat time
Improved silicone cooling system
Multiple designs & colors
Haptic feedback when ready
Enhanced LED display
Improved mouthpiece
10x16mm ceramic chamber
Finely tuned heat settings
Temperature range from 356°F – 428°F

Pulsar APX 2 Dry Herb Vape

ScarredMusic says:

There's an amazing hack I discovered. I have this vape, and as other reviews have stated, the airflow isn't that great and the mouthpiece gets hot. This is an easy fix. The silicone insert is the problem, not the vape. Remove the silicone "filter", which does a HORRIBLE job of misdirecting the vapor in all sorts of ways, and a regular pipe screen, that come in packs are and super cheap, fit flush and perfectly, snap back on the mouthpiece, and it's like a brand new device. A lot of vapor is being lost when using it as is. This can be tested and proved by anyone. Clean the silicone filter, or replace it with the extra it comes with, and do one session. THEN, remove the silicone filter, look in the mouthpiece and you will see that just after one use, it's COATED with vapor oil that should have been inhaled directly. With just a screen, you get ALL the vapor, huge clouds, and the mouthpiece doesn't heat up at all. I will be making a video on this soon, but try it out.

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