How To Get Started with Your MIQRO Vaporizer –

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Close – Finally got your MIQRO vaporizer? Let us show you a quick “how to” on how you should get started with this simple and discreet vaporizer.

First, you should charge your MIQRO via the supplied USB cable or use the external battery charger to speed things up. Next, open up the lower hinge and load your MIQRO with your favorite grinded loose leaf material.

To power on, quickly click the control button five times. Once powered on, the MIQRO will start on Smart Path 3 and will automatically control your temperature through out your entire session. Once the third line illuminates solid, put your lips up to the device, draw slowly and enjoy.


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Shawn Nelson says:

I just got mine today and i love the looks and design of the whole device!!! Solid vape all around! Great job on it!!! Got mine in blood orange! Just need like 6 batteries on hand???

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