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How To Load and Unload Your DaVinci IQ –

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Close – Learn how to load and unload your DaVinci IQ in this video. Click to watch now!

To load your IQ, first grind your loose leaf material. Open the bottom lid of your IQ and load the material onto the loading surface. Funnel your material into the heating chamber and pack the material down firmly. Close the bottom lid and enjoy.

To unload the IQ, make sure the unit is completely cool prior to unloading. Open the bottom lid and turn into a horizontal, stirring and sweeping material from the heating chamber with the metal pick tool.

For more information about your DaVinci IQ, go to or contact Support for live help.


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trulukkyphrank says:

doesn't scratch the metal pick tool the inside of the chamber? 🙂 I've done this always very gentle

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