How to Make Organic THC Vape Cartridges

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What You Need From This Video:
NugSmasher OG Basic Bundle –
NugSmasher Decarb –
NugSmasher Store –
NugSmasher Collection Plate –

In this video, we completely remaster everything we did in our original THC Vape Cartridge video. Instead of using an unnatural solvent based Wax Liquidizer and microwave for heating, we decided to give you guys what you asked for. All natural heating, with a decarb capsule and a natural and organic terpenes from Mr. Extractor.

*This video and it’s statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or ailments.

Nugsmasher says:

HUGE DANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY! Go visit for your chance to win a MASTER BUNDLE!! 🙂

Justin Pillay says:

Hey guys just wanted to know what happens to the bud after u extract the resin? Can it still ba smoked?

Damon Williams says:

This is cool and all. But 7 grams of flower makes less than 2 grams of oil?… Crazyness!! Why not just smoke the flower that you would have much more of? Like Here's this cartridge that will last you maybe 3 days or here's 10 blunts… Ill stick with the 10 blunts worth

Elwood GreyBuffalo says:

Thanks ?

Mike Hooch says:

Question: so the heat from the vape does not activate thca to thc?

m 1 says:

How much weed did he use?

Trent Dorsey says:

So are you saying that this will work in pretty much any pod system that would typically be meant for salt nics ?

KCMOinThisBitch says:

Berner playing in the background ?

teebz R says:

Could you just mix it with VG?

Justin Deavitt says:

Go to 8:55 and turn the subtitles on ?

Adam Wallace says:

Can make a rosin press for about 150-200$, or buy a good one without the hand crank (lmfao) for 500$ on Amazon eBay etc. The price for the equipment used is ridiculously inflated by over 120% the value of labor and materials. No way you guys have overhead that need a profit margin that large. If you are thinking of buying one think again. Save your loot and get more out of what you spend elsewhere.

Wichilipoztli Hernández says:

Quiero un cartucho para mi vivo en mexico 🙂

KiNG jAWBo says:

Thanks dude's, I'm trying to educate myself on how to use your presses before I invest

Louis Cypher says:

Packet of "tally ho's" 50 cents

Devildemon Lucifersatan says:

Another Flawless video good job

James Young says:

U supposed to do between 19:1-9:1concentrate:terps I get distillate you don’t ever have to put that much terp in it I put 1 drop (.05 ml) per 1ml cart don’t do it this way it’s not good to smoke that amount of terps

Corbin Nicholl says:

Mr.Extractor is Oregon based… now with the Ban. They don't do online sales.

Frank Moser says:

Well if you put 1ml of the terpenes that i buy you better have about 50-70 grams of product OR ELSE you WILL NOT be able to smoke or vape it i ONLY use 1-2 drops per gram the total product (2 grams,ml NO MORE than 4 drops max and I'd prefer LESS) and i have learned with pure concentrated terps LESS is better lol

Sp3ctra1 says:

This is what’s killing people not regular e-liquid THC pods is the reason why flavors aren’t around anymore because the news point towards the regular e-liquid and targets it but they don’t tell the full story of how THC is in those pods.

Wild Card says:

So, you're trying to make the Fentynol of weed? What could possibly go wrong…


tip – if you dont have a Nugsmasher machine use a hair straightener, more manual work but it'll get you the same amount of concentrate

Kamilia Bouzaher says:

Why don't you guys smoke real weed instead of going for this all process ?

Jake Bake says:

youre not supposed to put that in a normal vape lmao

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