How to Pack Chamber for Atmos Raw Rx / G5 Portable Vaporizer Pens: Vaporizing / Vape Pen Tutorial

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Use this guide to get the most out of your #herb with the #Atmos Raw Rx and #G5 Portable #Vaporizer Pens. Check out my store for great deals.

Aside from packing a small amount in the heating chamber, notice how I continually press and release the power button in 3-5 second bursts. This helps keep the temperature down so the herbs to turn to ash too quickly, and also gets around the annoying 10 second automatic shut off.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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Bob Smith says:

Would kief work better than bud?

Kobe Falkenstine says:

Ive never used a dry herb device before.. Im an old fashion smoker when it comes to Mary Jane. I smoke about 3 times a day and i was wondering how many pulls you could expect to get out of a full chamber?

randall jo says:

Super helpful, I was definitely going to over pack that shit

Paul Abledanger says:

Good video, you answered my questions. regards

dark slayer says:

the amount is too small way too tedius to get high

David F says:

Put the pot down and get to the gym dude! … PS… sounds like someone's stealing your scooter.

Jazmin Colleen says:

Best video ever I've had my vape for months now I can finally use it I'm getting lit right now! 😂😂

Mark Mouton says:

can you still smell it by vaping

Cloud Runner says:

Awesome dude! Definitely gonna use less 🙂

Annie Williams says:

I would have lost it when the car alarms started going off hahhaha

John doe says:

this helped a lot, thanks

Christina Gruber says:

I love this vape! However, i read that you should use a paper clip or needle to push through the holes to re establish air flow. Where are these holes?

Julian Prendes says:

How long did it take you to get yours I ordered one but it hasn't came in yet

The Dark Side says:

Thumbs up. Thanks!

Captain Randers says:

how u gonna get high from that amount :/

J. Blake Barnes says:

I just received my atmos raw RX yesterday. I'm trying to Vape but it's really not working out for me. I got the glass screen however that doesn't seem to help either. Do you have any advice?

Del Boii says:

Are the glass filters set at the right height for it to vape i v been told somewhere that the herb has to be in the right spot for it to work

Del Boii says:

Isn't this just burning tobacco???
You need to be using a mesh filter to stop the tobacco touching the heating coil other wise it just combusts not vape well this is what I'm told???

Vape Vet Store says:

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