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A lot of new vaporizers will come with a little something extra from the manufacturer, residual flavour. The manufacturing process will leave slights oils, residues etc that will affect the flavour – and what exactly are you breathing in? Join us as we go over a simple but effective method to enjoy your new vaporizer the right way.


0:07 – Overview
3:36 – Demonstration
7:30 – Wrap Up

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers says:

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brainless nicholas says:

I usually vape until the abv is almost black

Nick May says:

Great video it's good to see a video about getting rid of the factory residue instead of unbox a vaporizer and just vape from it straight away no burn off or anything.
I always do a burn off with every vaporizer I've owned I don't get how some people just charge and use without a burn off or any cleaning at all.

keith Gillard says:

All well and good but, what happens if you don’t have any usable leftovers? What about for a desktop monster?

Kaesewicht says:

what a dick move, letting your friends/family get the fumes

porcelain says:

LMAO i'm dead at you giving it to other people to use the toxic stuff on them :')

Edwin Medina says:

Oh my god your ABV has so much life left in it lol

AndrewL says:

Just purchased a Airvape XS. I’m getting a very strong burning plastic odor that is coming from the oven and out of the vents. I’ve ran a “burn off” cycle on the max temp over 10 times. The smell has not gone away. Is this common? I bought a vaporizer to be easier on my lungs not inhale plastic fumes…

BlackieCh4n says:

holy shit… you could potentially fill a balloon or a very thin bag over a straw of a portable and do that reverse vapor thing and basically get bag hits out of a portable

Ross G says:

Great stuff!

Will we be getting a Mighty review by the end of the summer? I'd be very interested in what you have to say about it since it's almost like a cross between a portable and desktop vape.

Noah Lach says:

Super useful video, thanks a lot man! BTW how u liking that apple watch? I didn't even notice it at first but it looks pretty dope

robhd says:

+Sneaky Pete Vaporizers what kind of tank or dry herb attachment would you recommend ? I have a 53 w box mod to attach it to

Grooovie725 says:

You are a true Vaping Connoisseur!!  Thats quite a bit of ABV…Please share one of your fav recipes!!  🙂

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