How to TURN ON the Yocan Evolve Plus +

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The Yocan Evolve Plus ships from the factory turned off. Since there are no instructions included that tell you how to turn it on, I’ve made a brief tutorial on how to turn on the Yocan Evolve Plus. ~ Get a “Dude, My Dad Made This Sh!t” T-Shirt Here –

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work gmail says:

My crap pen wont charge

Belle Morte says:

LOL dude you got me dying after those hits! bless you! hahahaha …..Thank you for this video! I was given this exact one w/out instructions! you're a life saver!!! πŸ™‚

Ian Elmquist says:

I fuckin love you man

Brooks says:

Omg thank you man

Paul Herrera says:

Once I start using mine, it will lightly start leaking out of the holes. What am I doing wrong?

ramza813 says:

whats it mean when this piece of shit just blinks red non stop when ding the first charge?? nothing fucking works. getting annoyed cant find answer online.

Matthias Fraser says:

I had totally forgotten about the safety feature. Thanks man. Time for a rip!

Tito Brozzi says:

Bless you .

Artur Yuralevich says:

Huge thank you , I thought it’s broken or something )))

Jacob Alcaraz says:

Does the red light change color after its done charging?

Faded_ Danker says:

Lol "Achu"

Desmond Cox says:

you are a hero! πŸ™‚

Alex Kieb says:

You are a legend! Thank you for making this video I was struggling so hard lol

Braiden Hopkins says:

Omg your the man

Tucker Jensen says:

Dude thanks so much I was losing mind trying to figure this out almost returned it lol

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