How to Use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer – A Vape Review and Demo with Vapor MC

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Close – Vaporizer Demonstration – Learn how to charge, load and use the Arizer Solo, a premiere portable vaporizer, in this short video demonstration.

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Producer: Bobby Fernandez
Director: Jason Hernandez
Host: Mark Richardson


What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to VaporNation. I’m your host, as always, the Vapor MC, with your vaporizer education. And today, we’re gonna talk about the Arizer Solo portable Vaporizer.

When you purchase your Arizer Solo, you’ve got the choice of either Silver or Black. Now, every Arizer Solo comes with an AC unit, so you can plug it into the wall to charge. You also get a straight drawstem, a curved drawstem, as well as an aromatherapy herb chamber.

Now we’re going to load the drawstem. First thing you’re going to want to do is to grind up your herbs. Then, you’re gonna take a pinch and load it to just below the top of the chamber. Then, you’re going to take the Arizer Solo unit, and put it on top. The first time you insert the drawstem, it’s going to be rather tight. Now, this is by design. Arizer wants to make sure that the glass stem fits snugly into the unit.

It’s important to charge the Arizer Solo for about an hour before you want to use it, because, unlike with some vaporizers, you’re not able to charge and vaporize simultaneously. In order to turn on the unit, you’re going to hit both of the up/down buttons simultaneously, the unit’s going to beep (to let you know that it’s on), and then you can select your heat setting. We recommend choosing either 4 or 5 for your first time because that’s going to put you in the range of 375° to 390° Fahrenheit, which is the optimal vaporizing temperature. You can go higher if you like, to 6 or 7, but if your herbs are too tightly packed, then you do risk the chance of combustion.

After the unit reaches your desired temperature, you want to want to wait about 45 seconds to a minute, and then you’re going to see the glass stem fill up with a little bit of condensation. That’s how you know it’s OK to vape. So you want to inhale for about 5 to 8 seconds, draw kind of gently, and you’ll get a nice cloud of vapor. Here we go…

And that is the kind of cloud you want to see out of your Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer. Get yours today at, Your Online Vaporizer Superstore.

yort002 says:

Legend mate nicely done keep it up …
Love ya work…

jagjeet raien says:

How do i know when the arozer solo is fully charged ?

Juoewf Iojfwef says:

camera sucsk

Ace88 says:

Thanks.. Nice review. Looks simple. I was wondering about a few details, and you covered them all in the shortest video I watched so far.

Ben Stiller says:

wicked bowlcut but u should shave ur head it would look cool

Lucas Gonzaga says:

Thanks for the video, that's great! Clear, easy and very well done. Good job guys!

sillypinkewe says:

tyvm for this. As a chronic severe pain user, I had no idea how to use this, my AS came with paperwork for caution and tips, but no illustrations, no directions. This answered many questions and made me less nervous on my first use of the herbs. ty ty

Anthony Jackson says:

I'd like to say this was the best purchase I made during my freshman year of college

boredkid444 says:


Amy K says:

I just bought mine and love it! By I AM charging and vaping atm 😙

Ahmad Subhi says:

This has to be the best bang for your buck. Smell is kinda still there though. Lucky my RA is cool

Himhippo says:

how long before you have to change the contents inside the vape?

McCrown1 says:

Grsat vid. Easy and simple and very useful! Thanks!

VaporNation - Vaporizer Superstore says:

+Agen00000 You'll know you've vaped the majority of the ingredients when you sense that change in flavor and color of the material in the chamber. When the grounds are browned with a taste to slightly burnt popcorn, that's a good sign that you're done. As you mentioned another sign is the visible reduction in vapor production.

Make sure you're grinding your material thoroughly before loading the chamber; this will extend the life of the session significantly. Once you're done you can save the vaped grounds and cook them into oil or butter if you feel so inclined 🙂

Hope this helps! Thank you for watching! 

medicore0000 says:

How do you know when the bowl is done? To me it seems like for the first 5-8 minutes I get good hits. Then at the 8-10 minute mark the thickness of the cloud goes down significantly and is much less harsh on the lungs. Yet there is something still coming out. Is it just some "leftover" THC deprived vape or maybe combustion at this point? Hence pointless to continue inhaling it or should the bowl continue until there is no visible vape left at all?

Mr Gee says:

Nice review. You have a good voice. However, the Music is too loud and distracting. Your review would be much better without the cheesy music. 

Rz4rect0r says:

I know this video is old, but the new Arizer Solo's can be used while charging.

sub zero says:

very useful — thank you.  just bought the unit and was looking for a fast video, this delivered

Jimmy Nguyen says:

That hit was unimpressive..

Tyker Steven says:

Just bought this unit today after a ton of research. Great video, stoked to try the Solo out tonight. Only 1 hour 29 minutes to go 🙂

john Fergclfl says:

I'll bet you love when people say, the music was too loud or, you should wear a lavalier mic 🙁

VaporNation - Vaporizer Superstore says:

It's a little instrumental we cooked up especially for the Solo.

Ydontyou Fvckoff says:

Hey great video, im about to go buy my solo hence why im watching reviews. Quick question, how long can you leave the vapour in the device after heating before you should inhale it? Should i smoke it quickly or will the quality of the vapour stay the same if i slowly smoke over time?

awsmbird says:

I know this has nothing to do with the vaporizer but whats the name of the song in the background?

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