How to Use the Hot Box Vaporizer – A Vape Review and Demonstration with the Vapor MC

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Close – In this video, the Vapor MC shows you how to use the Hot Box Vaporizer, a powerful whip vaporizer for home use with loose leaf material. The Hot Box comes in a variety of colors with a slew of custom design options available. If you need replacement parts for your Hot Box, VaporNation has extra whip tubing, mouthpieces and glass wands.

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What’s up everybody? Welcome to VaporNation. I’m your host, the Vapor MC with your vaporizer education. Today we’re going to explore the Hot Box Vaporizer.

When you open up the package you want to look for the following implements: the Hot Box unit itself, a whip, a cleaning tool, 3 replacement screens, an O-ring, as well as the mouthpiece. The Hot Box Vaporizer is one of the most user-friendly desktop vaporizers in our our entire inventory. It’s so simple to use. It’s great.

All you have to do is plug it into the wall and flip this switch, like you would a nightstand lamp. And then you want to wait two to three minutes for it to get up to 380 degrees which is the optimal vaporizing temperature. Now you’ll know it’s ready when it’s hot to the touch.

OOH! See? We’ve been charging ours already, so we’re good to go.

As with all of the vaporizers here at VaporNation, you want to make sure you grind your material finely before loading your vaporizer. So after you’ve attached your mouthpiece to the end of the whip you want to go ahead and load it about a third of the way full. That should do it.

Now you want to take this end of the whip and set it gently over the nichrome heating element. This is a hands free unit, which means you don’t have to support it with your hand while the unit heats up. So it’s going to heat for about 5-10 seconds and then you want to draw gently for a good 8-10 seconds and that should produce a nice cloud of vapor. Here we go.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of cloud that you can expect to see from your Hot Box Vaporizer. Available now at, Your Online Vaporizer Superstore.

Asia is better than you says:

Vapor Nation is awesome. Cwhite, have you tried contacting them regarding to your purchase? I've purchased from them previously and also contacted their customer service, which was very very helpful.

cwhite says:

VapoNation sells defective merchandise.

Dudeman9339 says:

You say 2-3 minutes… others say 10 minutes… which is it?

VaporNation - Vaporizer Superstore says:

The Hot Box Vaporizer is intended only for loose leaf material.

Meter Pangs says:

Can I use it with Hash ?

Meter Pangs says:

Can you use it with Hash ?

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