How to Use the Vapir Rise Vaporizer – A Vape Review and Demo with Vapor MC

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Close – Learn how to use the Vapir Rise Vaporizer in this short tutorial with VaporNation’s very own vapor expert, The Vapor MC. The Vapir Rise is a brand new forced-air vape made by Vapir, makers of the popular NO2 Vaporizer. The Rise features a personal whip attachment, a balloon bag, as well as a multi-user whip attachment for hygienic group sessions.

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Producer: Bobby Fernandez
Director: Jason Hernandez
Host: Mark Richardson


What’s up everybody? Welcome to VaporNation. I’m your host, the Vapor MC, with your Vaporizer Education. Today we’re going to learn about the VapirRise, the brand new forced-air vaporizer from Vapir.

When you open up the package, you’re going to find the following accessories: silicone tubing for your whip, a mouthpiece for the end of the whip, the aromatherapy oil chamber, your HEPA air filter, four replacement screens, the inhalation adapter, the herb chamber, the hot herb chamber grabber, and the multi-user adapter. You’re also going to find accessories to create your balloon bag, which we’ve gone ahead and assembled for you.

The power switch for the Rise is located at the back of the unit. So you want to flick that on, and you’ll see the digital display light up as well as the temperature and fan indicators. Now the optimal temperature for vaporizing with the VapirRise is 360-380 degrees, so we’re going to go ahead and set ours at 375 with our fan speed at 2. We recommend either 2 or 3 on the fan speed and you’ll notice the fan will turn on when you hit the heat button.

So when you hear the VapirRise start to whir, that’s when you know it’s heating up.

So we’re going to put our herbs in, wait about twenty seconds, and now we’re going to construct our whip by taking our inhalation adapter, putting that on one end of the tube, put the mouthpiece on the other end of the tube, and attach the adapter like so.

Now you’ll know you’re ready to vape when the heat light switches from red to green. Now that we’ve loaded the unit and the green light is on, that means it’s time to vape. Now if you want to change out the herbs in the chamber, first thing you want to do is take your hot chamber adapter because this thing is going to be really hot when you take it out. You’re going to twist to the left, put the grabber on the bottom and pop to the side. That way you can reload the herb chamber, re-attach, and get back to work.

One of the features that I love about the VapirRise is its versatility. You can use the whip attachment or you can enjoy your blends using the balloon bag attachment, which I’m going to show you how to do. We’ve pre-assembled the bag so all you’re going to do is attach it here, twist to the right. Make sure your valve is in the open position, and hit the heat button.

Now that the balloon bag is filled completely, you can hit the heat button to turn off the fan and you’re going to want to close the valve before removing the bag from the unit so none of your precious vapor escapes the bag. Now we’re going to attach our inhalation adapter once again. Fits on like so. Re-open the valve and away we go!

But that’s not all! The VapirRise is the only vaporizer that features a four-person whip adapter to ensure efficient, convenient, and hygienic group vaporizing sessions.

Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you again next time here at, Your Online Vaporizer Superstore.

Mason Gallant says:

Demo on replacing the bag would be dope, thanks.

Adrian Labastida says:

Anyone can help me? I have this vaporizer but it always takes too long to vape something, and don't start me on the balloon, it takes an hour to fill if not more… and it has been like that since the beginning… I put it to heat and start vaping just like in this video but I never manage to get that much vapor… what am I doing wrong? Thanks ppl

Marco Reasco says:

Any info on the oil?

MvancE30 says:

Between this and the ssv which would you choose as far as eliminating odor

xBuddha - says:

this company is full of a bunch of manipulators looking for nothing aside a quick buck, beyond terrible customer support. 
The only positive reviews are from people who were handed a unit free of charge, don't fool yourself you will be incredibly disappointed. The product is almost as bad as their support, almost 

save your money for a company who deserves it 

Vaporizer Info says:

greate vape with multifunctionality,
well done!

MikePapaExtravaganza says:

errh, is there water in the container = a steam base liquid for the vaporizing to happen? 

Zforcegaming says:

can you use e liquid from a e cig with the oil chamber?

Rich WPB says:

I seen that same vaporizer at, It's a nice one.

Jeffrey Shao says:

.is this bad for the body?

Chill Out says:

love the effects when showing each piece… have bought from vapornation and can say they are the best…. great prices and even better customer service! i proudly rock their sticker on my macbook

United Patients Group says:

Well done demo!

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