How To Use Your G Pen Gio

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To locate Gio cartridges go to for the store locator.


1. Locate the serial number on the back of the battery or on the bottom of the packaging, and register at

2. To charge, insert the micro-USB charging cable into the bottom of the G Pen Gio Battery. Allow a minimum of 2 hours for a full charge. The light will remain illuminated until fully charged. Five blinks indicates the battery requires a recharge.

3. To connect the G Pen Gio Cartridge (sold separately, to locate Gio cartridges go to for the store locator) to the G Pen Gio Battery, insert the cartridge into the top of the battery. The G logo embossed on the front face of the cartridge should align with the G light on the front face of the battery.

4. To use, inhale from the mouthpiece. The G Pen Gio features buttonless, breath activation.

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