Introducing the Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer

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The Vapir Prima is a stealthy and stylish, portable vaporizer that works with both cannabis and concentrates. The pocket-sized, brushed aluminum unit features a deep bowl that can hold .20 grams of ground pot. The Prima also comes with three stainless steel mesh pads that can be inserted in the chamber for vaping wax.

The Prima has four temperature settings (ranging from 350°- 400°F) so you can customize your vaping experience by dialing in the ideal temp for your hits.

Cleaning the Prima is easy thanks to the removable mouthpiece and vapor channel. And the powerful battery can last for 60 minutes of continual use.

The Vapir Prima is aesthetically pleasing and durable. And when it comes to delivering consistent and clean hits, it is in a class of its own.

You can learn more about the Vapir Prima at

Alexander Barnes says:

got mine today.. about to try it

Liam Lambotte says:

Post interview of cannabis farmer pls


The loud sudden shitty music at the start gave me cancer THANKS

Lauren Ashley says:

soooo how is it used for concentrate

Coyote Prophet says:

Like the music

J 4sm0ke2 says:

THAT weed though…. ugly as fuck…

Mark Calvillo says:

Was that Reggie lol

Adrian says:

Vapor Naaaaaaatioooooon #Vapornation

MrRideutah says:

High times sucks ass now

Tamper Tantrum says:

Doesnt hold enough, probably too many plastic parts for my liking…. Had the vapir 1, same issue…. Cant believe this company is still in business

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