iShred Dry Herb Vape Pen from Yocan True Vaporizer Review, How to , intro, unboxing

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Chris Walker says:

I keep getting a ntc error i have no clue what is going on with it I just got it today

Manuel Hernandez says:

How do I clean all of the gunk out of the chamber and mouthpiece?

D R says:

I hate this product. 3 months in I got a "no atomizer" message. I cleaned and because you can't take it apart very well EXTREMELY difficult to clean. Every now and then I get the no atomizer message again and I literally have to go in with eyeglasses screw driver and pipe cleaners, toothpicks, pipe cleaner, and tweezers… and hope for the best. If my cleaning job doesn't work I get frustrated and put it aside for a few days and try again. I got the message again a couple days ago and my cleaning efforts aren't doing anything now. Expensive paperweight.

Mark C M says:

I'd rip the teeth out of that useless grinder and just use it as a storage space.

eloc454 says:

Yo how do I switch between fare hight

james lewis says:

my mouth piece came off of the metal/aluminum piece whatever it is. but ya idk

Wal Mart says:

I can't get it to charge

wiser1973 says:

No atomizer is the error message I get after first use. no way to fix it
company has no solution. seem to have the same problem with most of
their products.

Kimberly Tooley says:

i just got mine and i very much enjoy it …happy happy…

Path Exile says:

Is it worth $65 buck, is it hard to clean and do you know about how long the batteries last and about how many hits can u get from 1 bowl(i know it might depend on herb and temp. just wondering if you would know on average) and does it last/built good? thanks

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