Jabees Firefly.2- General Video User Guide | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Jabees Firefly.2- General Video User Guide

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Firefly.2 – IPX7 Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds with Dual Microphones

Check out the latest features on Firefly.2 that makes this the best true wireless earbuds.

IPX7 Waterproof | Dual-Mic | Transparency Mode |Exceptional Fast Charge | Qi Wireless Charging Case|Graphene Sound | Long Battery Life | Instant Pair & Connect

markatkinson167 says:

Would those having these recommend them?

Eric says:

FINAL UPDATE I'M EXPERIENCING SIMILAR ISSUES WITH MY OTHER DEVICE NOW TOO.***UPDATE*** It appears to be that it's just my Samsung Galaxy 9S+ that experiences this issue. I have other bluetooth earbuds and headphones that work fine. So, my conclusion is that the Fireflies don't work well with the S9+. Anyone else seeing this weird issue with the s9 and fireflies.** I bought the Firefly 1 and the connection between the left and right earbuds constantly drops. From the literature I've seen on the Firefly 2, they appear to have addressed the issue by having each earbud connect with the phone. The Firefly #1 left and right buds connected to each other then one bud, I think the left, connected to the phone.

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