Jamaica 2014 Best Vaporizer EVER!!!

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Saad Xo says:


Frying4Gs says:

what are they smoking?

Aaron Mann says:

Is the vaporizer healthier than smoking the ganj? And also how is it so?

harry cover says:

10 grammes a l heur

Jostein Callum says:

Get yours now www.ebay.com/usr/dry_harbour_naturals

Mike Craft says:

I love how Gidian? Gideon? keeps that serious face haha, life is what he knows

Justin Peters says:

I love jamacan ppl they are very smart stoners they make clay bongs and pipes that hit just like a real bong or pipe and they are one with nature that's my kind of ppl write there lol

Jake Johnson says:


Yvng Mell0 says:

I can't stop laughing,this is some funny shit.

thelocustemperor says:

So is he saying you can use the water after for other things?

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