Joey Diaz – Vaporizers – w/Joe Rogan (Video)

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Joey Diaz’ thoughts on smoking weed through a vaporizer.
With Joe Rogan, Redban & Ari Shaffir.

*Recorded after the JRE#80 live stream

(c) Redban

two week says:

Love Joey but vaporizers just get you higher. You're taking in 60-70% more THC. I wish Joey tried it, it's a healthier option and I'll make him live longer and maybe even see his daughter longer as well.

Chris Manuel says:

We all smoke dope to fuck up the clarity! 😂😂

Plague says:

Hahaha Joey. Love him

martin_e says:

Dude… I want that DooM poster. I had that as my desktop background probably around 2002 🙂

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