KANDY PENS OURA VS PUFFCO PEAK | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review


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Hey beautiful buds! You guys have been asking me to make this video so HERE IT IS. My 100% honest review of the peak vs the oura. Let me know if I didn’t answer any of your questions!

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Savannah Harris says:

I didn’t even know i needed to see this but thank youuuu. Also thunder thighs

We move the stars says:

Thunder thighs😂😎

Daddy Mac says:

This video bull shit puff co kills it …it’s like apple and android puff co apple while Kandy pen is a android trash!

L. Y says:

This is random asf but this video reminded me of when me and my friend each faced some blunts and took a dab and then our friend drove us to get food… he had huge as speakers in the back of his car and I was in the back seat, so he decided to be a dick and put the speakers up to full base. I was so fried the bass vibrates me outta my seat and I couldn’t get up and my other friend was jus as fried and kept laughing 😭 I know this was random asf but I thought it was a funny story

Vινιαn says:

Thunder thiiiiiiighs, super late to this video but I’m finally watching it 😂 would definitely go for the oura, in fact, I was already planning on getting a green one, using a code, and just buying a spare atomizer or some accessories with the saved money 😍😍

Gisselle Reyes says:

Girl your so cute date me 😭😭❤️

xolilmiss chief says:

I think it's really important to mention in defense of the puffco peak that the highest temp setting is a delicious 600°F while KandyPens is 1090°F & I for one and terrified of what that tastes like

J D says:

Thunder Thighs lmaooo

Foody Pebbles says:

Thunder Thighs💖💖💖😍😍😍 you guys are so down to earth I love y'all. I'm glad I watched this before I bought a puffco at my local shop

Emily Booth says:

I laughed for like fucking 5 minutes after @6:30 XD

wero garza says:


Ty Davis says:

Thunder thighsssssss


Thunder thighs ⚡

Kierra Brown says:

THUNDER THIGHS!! Can you do a review on the Pulsar Rök?

siara sigle says:


rachel perales says:

Love you mac!!- classy sassy &_ a lil assy K !😂😜 🙌💚🙌

Alexia Bell says:

Idk you definitely made it seem like the peak takes forever but I have one myself and it does not take long at all & I also get fat milky clouds. You have to double tap the bottom fast on the peak to get it to warm up your dumbass just took so long …

Kathy Torres says:

Thunder thighssssss⚡️⚡️

Brianna Davis says:

Thundaaa thighsss, love y’all ❤️

The Vape Critic says:

Excellent fucking video, I'm retiring!

Emmy Mathews says:

Thunder thighs

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