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Today Mike & Danielle help try out the Gravity KandyPen!
Get it Here: thechillinco.com/
See more of Danielle here: www.youtube.com/user/thedabspot

Michelle Martinez says:

I'm… 4:21 😂😂😂💨

Elliot Bradshaw says:

Don't believe the hype, these guys are getting paid for this. This pen won't even Vape shatter, just burn and melt with no cloud at all. Ceramic coil tastes like plastic. At first I thought it was my product, I used a 40 dollar mig keymaker and got huge tasty clouds for 1/3 of the price, don't waste your 130 dollars on this pos, biggest disappointment I've ever had in vapes. On the other hand if you want to invest 80 on a saionara kit with the mod totally worth it.

IndianaJess E says:

0:43 and 1:01 Mike you doooggggg!!!! Haha

Richard Powell says:

What would you recommend for your first vape pen?

Drashawn Clay says:

I love the coughing fits you guys get into.
Pure Greatness.

Moses says:

you three are the best!!

Vapletrichs Gne says:

4:50 .. such a depressing result. lmao

Sharon King says:

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to vape pens, but my state finally has medical marijuana and I am looking at your videos to figure out which vape pen would be the best to buy especially for newbies??

Keith Rhodes says:

by the looks on your faces it kept getting worse

Conrad Pauw says:

bahaha three sheets just like Rimmer…

Bruce Johnson says:

You guys put the Three Stooges to shame . you are best trio ever

NAC says:

Kmart "blue light" special.

Stephen Paul Shaw says:

I would like to see a review on the ISweed TripperFlask Portable Herbal Vaporizer it has been displayed At High Times Cannabis Cup.

U guys are are awesome I am on a journey where I have traded pain meds for med weed. I have learn a lot about products and did a lot of research I have found u guys have a lot info I enjoy watching Indoor Tokers and the The Dab spot.

Seth Archer says:

who else thinks Mike looks like Keanu Reeves from John Wick..? 😂

Chris martin says:

LOL enough said

Daniel Mills says:

manpons!!! preventive maintence…

Jeremy N says:

You 3 are awesome together. So damn hilarious. I love smoking and watching you guys toke up and test products.

Nick Lozano says:

Good video but I really hate KandyPens. Anyone who has done their research on vape pens know that they are a terrible company with insanely overpriced, cheaply built products.

Jim says:

Danelle I seen you smile when they said "pull that little one out" lol.

Mark Blackler says:

nice little pen

Chris Simmonds says:

Funny and informative as usual. Keep vaping bud.

Emroy Freeman says:

One up, one down and one to polish…. way to dig deep and come out with a Red Dwarf quote.

x Grizzlee says:

7:35 lmao i amost died laughing


cool vid😎

Adam Lloyd says:

good all together crazy kids

Brad Turner says:

this video was hilarious, keep it up

Tina Boots says:

army only gets two squares of toilet paper for the job

ReadySetGame says:

I need to move to washington damnit, NY sucks, this way i could justify buying this

Singlerainbow says:

Another great video, keem em up!

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