Kandypens New Crystal Unboxing and first impressions | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Kandypens New Crystal Unboxing and first impressions

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Senior Stoner Reviews Kandypens Crystal Vape

Sr Orlando v says:

I went to Los Angeles yesterday and I saw this for $50 u recomend it?

Douglas Rausch says:

Senior stoner do you happen to know when KandyPens plans on launching its 2020 model wax pen?

Brett Flack says:

Got a question, did your crystal pens screen in the mouth piece keep getting clogged? Mine does so I removed it. Now just gotta take slow hits.

Red Rum says:

Mine doesn't vape like that at all. The hits feel so weak.

Cole Hedrick says:

im thinking about buying one, not sure what wax pen i want to buy right now. But am using puff co peak right now and its amazing!

Paul Jacoby says:

Dude why not wait until you not sound like complete dogshit before you film a review. You are like obviously very sick. I will never watch anything of yours again

drewby33 says:

I feel like I got the flu from watching your video.

— AdidasGawD — says:

This pen is the shit, well worth the money, hope they continue making replacement coils as it is “limited “ to 100..

Zep 4 says:

I just ordered a white one:)

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