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18+older. This portable concentrate vaporizer is awesome! The size makes it awesome for portability and makes dabbing on the go easy. The unit has 4 temp settings and is easily changed and ready for whatever temp you like. I set mine to hot n hurty (max) and go to town! The first dab is a little small but it still makes me cough from the unseasoned quartz. We take an up close look at the coil as it heats up to a glowing red letting you know you are gonna get a real hit unlike other portable vaporizers. Kandypens has been leading the vape scene for years and it’s no surprise they killed it with this OURA. Try one for yourself and see. ENJOY!!!!

Check out Kandypens at www.kandypens.com/



Dakota Stukins says:

How expensive are these things i have a peek

sprasky thenasty says:

I like your hat where can i get one

Alex S says:


Random vids Time to time says:

Ha. I just subscribed not long ago. Because i was stoned when i first seen a vid from this channel. This guy is awesome

Cynthia K. says:


Heather Lynn says:

We miss your videos and craziness!! ✌️❤️✨

Carlos Garcia says:

I literally just soak my coil in iso and it’s so easy to clean….the only thing you need to swab is the inside of the quartz bowl….otherwise Best E rig

Carlos Alexandre says:

Oohh tosse boa , depois dessa tosse o olho murcha a vista fica vermelha e a mente enlouquece !!!

LucasTheWolf56 says:

Let's get 1000 likes in this video people

Dan Lugo says:

Yo what happened to you son, your videos are garbage,your reviews are not honest and trustful are they use to be, the only thing that everyone is commenting about your videos is the introduction, what’s up man, like two weeks ago you was saying that Focus V was the best product in the market and now you are saying that piece of Shit oura is better,come on man, how much are they paying you, I own the 3 of them and Focus V is the winner, just to like you because I thought you were honest, not anymore

ThuggDugg7 says:

Cheers Joel … hope you have been doing well .. yayuhhh

Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 says:

Never removed the carb cap !

Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 says:

WAY better than the Peak by PuffCo, and for several reasons. Same with the Rök from Pulsar and the Focus V Carta as we all know about that gem.

chuck Williams says:

So you are a product review channel only now?☹️
We love your smoken videos. gram dabs, it seems like if a weed store is not paying you to do a tour or a owner of new product is paying you to do a review your not motivated to do a video. I'm a og subscriber. So ima tell you straight uo

feverjkg says:

Custom <3

Steven Z says:

@CustomGrow420 awesome video keep it going

Jordan Tauber says:

Missed ya brother. Still the best product reviewer. JT from AZ.

Gold Star says:

Stop giving everything an excellent review pussy

Mo Osman says:

His intro will forever sound like he had his nutz cracked???

Chris says:

SCRUB couldn't put the carb cap on lmao fail

Enrique Sanchez says:

Puffco or oura ?

Enrique Sanchez says:

Can you do a second follow up video after excessive use I would love to see that

David Colon says:

Yesss more of these. Less fartnite ??

Jacob Bland says:

Keep pumping out the vids!!!

Bradley Roberts says:

you need on the table ,a 1.2lt cold spring water to help your coughing.

Jlxm says:

Thought for sure we’d see a lung …

KDB says:

Dude, your sound like a dog caughing. Why do smoke that shit?

Karlito One says:

Hi from russia

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