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Vapesterdam reviews the Kandypens Slim and gets you the full scoop on this slender and sexy oil and e-juice vape. Read on to learn more!

The Kandypens Slim is a cartridge-based vaporizer designed for use with thin oils and e-juices. It has a very simple button-free operation where you just draw and go from the slender mouthpiece. This is a light and fun vaporizer perfect for people looking for a cigarette style vape which is adaptable with any compatible 510-threaded cartridge. Learn all about it with the Kandypens Slim Review by Vapesterdam!

To find out more about the Kandypens Slim portable vaporizer, check out the review here: vapesterdam.com/review/kandypens-slim-review/

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Dizzy Shark01 says:

Any way to charge these without a normal charger? Aka bootleg ways to charge it ?

Isabelle Shines says:

Can you use a wax pen and put nic in it?

Grace Balerio says:

How do i turn it on?

Isabelle Shines says:

Does a vape slim have nic in it?

ミルカーソン mirukāson says:

does it smell when u use oil?

bony says:

Do I need a different type for wax or are these pens good for any type of concentrate? If not then what do you recommend


get rubi instead

Konnorr says:

when charging it the charger led flashes green and red and then stays solid green after 10 minutes. is this normal? and when I unplug it the led on the battery flash 3 times

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