Linda reviews Pulsar’s APX portable vaporizer | G Tank – Portable Vaporizer Review

Linda reviews Pulsar’s APX portable vaporizer

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I think I’ve found my new favorite in Pulsar’s APX vaporizer. This thing is super portable, heats up super fast, ACTUALLY vaporizes without combusting herb, and is ridiculously affordable. I’m seriously just… in awe. Check it out and go get one for yourself at

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Veego von DOOM- Reviews! says:

I just bought this…. do you have any recommendations on how to get the best pulls from it? I'm not sure if I'm just used to smoking blunts but it seems like I'm not getting as high with this.

Tyler Michael says:

I'm impressed with the bang for the buck as well. What temperature do you use for the hash chamber?

Greg Hersey says:

Hey about how many sessions do you get on each full battery charge? My battery goes from green to yellow after about 2 sessions

EagleBear Alvarado says:

I just picked one of these up today for $10 Brand New, Sealed In The Box from a seller on Fb.   This is hands down one of the best portable vaporizers I have ever used to medicate with. It is a daily driver.

Kee g says:

this question is not weed related but are you a gamer?

Tj Hedgepeth says:

u should do a review on the snoop dog G pen!:)

Johnathan Carroll says:

Thanks for the review, I just ordered one myself and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Jacqueline Holts says:


Ben says:

This looks really cool. I wonder how it compares to the pax

John Fisher says:

Lovelytastic gorgeous :))

jsphjohnson says:

Thanks Linda…Have A Special Valentines Day!

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