Linda reviews the APX Wax vaporizer from Pulsar Vaporizers

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I’m blown away with this amazing little vape! This is my review of Pulsar Vaporizer’s APX Wax compact portable vaporizer.

This is the tiniest, most effective dabbing vape I’ve seen yet. With quartz coils, and a compact body, this little vape packs a punch and doesn’t waste wax! The best part is the price!! As of this posting, you can snag one for $60 on Pulsar’s site:

This is now my go-to portable vaporizer for wax. I have many that work very well, but this one blows them all out of the water. Check it out!

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gloria cruz says:

can you send me one you don't like I'm a reviewer how can I get in to this

gloria cruz says:

i have wax but nothing to vape from send it to me and ill send you a gift

Oak City says:

Miss watching this channel keep it up girl 👊

dragonlove7980 says:

do you remember your video of the itorch vape that was huge lol 4 years ago it's funny. I'm buying one of theses it looks cool

OtterStrikesBack says:

do you plan a review on a volcano?

j j says:

Im a big fan of your reviews 🙂 ✌🏽️&💚

jsphjohnson says:

Linda…Love Your Hair…Beautiful! Fall Look, Peace & Blessings!

David DiGiacomo says:

Do you do drugs other than weed?

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