Low Temp Dabs Of White Widow Shatter – V2 eBoss XL eNail Kit + C2 Glass All American Dabbing Bundle!

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Get The Following Amazing Bundle And Start Dabbing Like An eBoss!

1 – V2 Stealth Black eBoss XL ™ Full Size 20mm XL eNail Kit
1 – Quartz eNail Banger
1 – Quartz Carb Cab Dabber By C2 Glass
1 – BRB50 Rig By C2 Glass
1 – DabFarm Non-Stick Food Grade Silicone Dab Mat
1 – Budderblocks Small Medical Grade Silicone Container
1 – DabFarm Sticker Pack

These Are Some Of Our Best Selling Items, So We Hope You Enjoy!

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May The Quartz Be With You! 🖖🏻💎

Connor Cao says:

Terperific. Like the vids. Try make them weekly? Would be lit

Badmon Official says:

I like that !

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