Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer Blazin’ Gear Review

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The Launch Box is a portable dry herb vaporizer from Magic Flight that features a very unique wooden design and a trench that holds about a half to 1 gram of ground marijuana that is covered by a pyrex sliding cover. The battery is external and is inserted manually by the user into the box for contact. There is also an optional glass mouthpiece stem.

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Nathan Steffanic says:

$60-70!!!! (this magic flight launch box obviously makes excuses by selling a "vape" that combusts for over 100$ Dude my APX herb vape works perfectly and never becomes combustible…. it has ceramic oven and the oven doesn't touch the Herve

Nathan Steffanic says:


Nathan Steffanic says:

OK your review is a joke saying oh there's a grinder that will make it so much easier to load… so you're gonna eyeball how much you put in anyway? most people already have a scale and larger grinder. no thank you $16.50 ?? try selling us on 1 item at a time buddy

HushNowKitten One says:

The narrator looks like he hates life. ?

Tinyjb0 says:

Did you read the manual? It says explicitly NOT to pack down the herbs AT ALL, and that the herb should be loose in the trench. You packed it, probably didn't inhale right, and combusted, then blamed the mflb?? Next time read the instructions before blaming the performance on something that's your own fault.

Tyler says:

Over a hundred bucks for a cheap price of crap

Nath says:

Totally awesome vape the guy using it as a pipe hasn't a clue… It's discrete, pure vape taste and feels personal to use. I'm hoping USB-rechargeable batteries will hold enough MhA in the near future to be a viable power source. Until then, the included AA batts work fine I reckon more expensive 2600mhA+ batts might work great instead of fine.

W. H. says:

great vaporizer for those wondering…team magic flight !!

Chris Ducat says:

That combustion event was totally avoidable, you wait 5 seconds after engaging the battery, THEN draw on the MFLB. You should be drawing in some manner after that continuously, as long as the battery is engaged (either long, slow draws or the "sipping method"). If you have the battery engaged after 5 seconds and do not draw on the box, you can definitely combust with a fully-charged battery. You're simply using the box incorrectly, which is ironic since you referenced the manual earlier.

Smokin' Aces says:

Consersation starter? Ha I give you four and half pot leaves on this review

Alex Serrano says:

So can I use this to stealthy smoking in the bathroom or my room or is it going to stink up the whole floor? My family doesn't approves and I want to smoke more healthily without having to go outside. I've never vaped before.

TheBobwatermellon says:

dislike it's called CANNABIS

Shawna Zupfer-Snyder says:

I've own this vaporizer and can't use it. It wastes dope & the batteries get very hot and don't last long. No thank you

Jay R says:

so no smell or odor? i dont want people able to smell it

Adam Boatwright says:

that guy is so high

gammafreak says:

there is a learning curve with this box. even wen i first got mine, i never totched the bud as bad as u guys did!! once u get it, its a great vape. only con is it is battery operated. more than occasional users will find it frustrating when u forget to charge your battery or have to wait till its charged to take another hit. that being said, they offer ac power adaptor, which negates the portability of the device, but still makes it an awesome home device. all in a) it gets a 9.5/10 in my book. especially if u are new to the herb, a trench would last a fort night.

Rick Harshman says:

how does someone get a product sent to you to review?

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